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Areas Of Excellence in Heart

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From open heart surgery to emergency care, preventive care and rehabilitation, we offer innovative levels of care and a commitment to quality. Among our many “firsts” are: performing the first “beating heart” surgery in the state, developing the first nationally accredited Chest Pain Center in the state, offering a new brain-saving therapy for people having a heart attack, creating a heart failure center and heart rehabilitation facilities, and much more.

We Are Committed To Quality And Innovation in Heart Care

The programs, services and facilities below are examples of our abilities and commitment to bringing the best in heart care to the communities we serve.

  • Spartanburg Regional Heart Center, a five-story facility on the campus of Spartanburg Medical Center, designed for and dedicated to heart care
  • Emergency Heart Care 
  • First nationally accredited Chest Pain Center in the state
  • First certified Primary Stroke Center in the state
  • First hospital in the state and third hospital in the entire country to perform computer-guided “beating-heart surgery,” an open heart surgery on a still-beating heart
  • Heart Wellness Cardiac Rehab, the only such service in Spartanburg
  • Advanced technologies and techniques, such using as tiny heart pumps to help weaker hearts work until a patient is ready for surgery (the Impella procedure)
  • First hospital in the state to use a brain-saving cooling therapy for people having a heart attack
  • Treating rare blockages in blood vessels using a diamond “drill.”
  • MAZE procedure to correct irregular heart rhythms
  • Heart valve surgery to repair or replace diseased heart valves.
  • National and International Research and Clinical Trials


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The nation's best celebrates Heart Month. Join us.

Upcoming Events

  • Feb
    9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Learn how to be a life saver with this hands-only CPR class.
  • Feb
    11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
    Join us for a heart-healthy meal and learn more about your health from our experts in cardiovascular care. Free, pre-registration is required.
  • Feb
    11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    WomenHeart is a support group for women to express their feelings with a peer group who understands the emotional toll of a heart disease diagnosis.