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Dedicated Heart Care & Recovery Units

Heart Care and Recovery Units

An important feature of the Spartanburg Regional Heart Center are the special treatment and recovery units designed just for those with heart conditions. Our experienced, trained staff and the latest technology allow us to care for the most seriously ill patients on these units, including those who need heart surgery, a heart procedure or test, or emergency care.

With over 80 beds, we have the technology and expertise our patients need—all at one central location.

  • 10-bed Coronary Care Unit (CCU) for critically ill patients who have had severe heart attacks and other serious conditions
  • 10-bed Cardiovascular Recovery Unit (CVRU) for patients immediately after heart, lung and vascular (related to the blood vessels) surgery.

Care at the Heart Center also includes “progressive” units for patients who do not need the higher levels of care in our other heart units. They might have recovered from surgery but are not yet ready to return home, for example, or they are preparing for surgery. In these units, staff monitor patients through “telemetry” technology, which automatically sends vital health information to specially trained staff at a central nursing station.

Our two progressive units, with all-private rooms, are:

  • 32-bed Progressive Care Vascular Unit (PCVU) for patients with chest pain and congestive heart failure, and those who need surgery for heart, vascular (blood vessels) and thoracic (related to the chest area) conditions.

32-bed Progressive Coronary Care Unit (PCCU), for patients who need special heart monitoring because of chest pain (angina), congestive heart failure and after a heart catheterization or angioplasty and placement of a stent (a device which improves blood flow to the heart.)

One of America's 50 best hospitals for cardiac surgery in 2015

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