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Nationally accredited Chest Pain Center: For Advanced Care, Fast

If you have chest pain, you need help fast to save heart muscle—and life. So Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System has created the first nationally accredited Chest Pain Center in the state. Beginning with a 9-1-1 call for chest pain, our emergency physicians, cardiologists, critical care nurses and paramedics follow national guidelines to diagnose and treat patients quickly. So they can get life-saving care they need, as soon as possible.

The Chest Pain Center is located in a dedicated section of the Emergency Center at our healthcare system’s flagship hospital, Spartanburg Medical Center.

What happens at a nationally accredited Chest Pain Center?

If you think you are having a heart attack, call 9-1-1. That’s the fastest way to contact emergency providers trained to follow “Code STEMI”—and find the nearest nationally accredited Chest Pain Center. In our region, that center is at Spartanburg Medical Center, right next door to the Spartanburg Regional Heart Center.

Accreditation means that our physicians and staff follow national protocols, or steps, to evaluate and treat patients more quickly during the early stages of a heart attack, a critical time when treatments are most effective. Learn more about code STEMI.

What is a Nationally accredited Chest Pain Center?

A nationally accredited Chest Pain Center is a partnership between experts who specialize in heart care and who make sure our communities have the fastest, highest quality of care for patients who are having—or who might be having—a heart attack. To ensure quality of care, our Chest Pain Center has earned the most advanced accreditation level available from the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care. This national accreditation demonstrates our commitment to always being ready to treat patients with heart attack. It also shows that we have the advanced skills to provide effective care without emergency surgery (a procedure called PCI) for many of our patients having a heart attack. (This advanced level of accreditation is Cycle III level, meaning we have advanced abilities to provide percutaneous intervention, or PCI.) See a video about our Chest Pain Center accreditation.

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