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Heart Failure Center: Helping You Take Control

For patients living with heart failure, education and special medical attention can keep them out of the hospital and more active. So Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System offers a team of experts at our Heart Failure Center, located at North Grove Medical Park, to support these important goals.

At this outpatient center, you and your nurse practitioner work alongside your cardiologist, primary care physician and other healthcare providers. Together, we will develop a plan of care to accomplish your medical and personal goals.

Heart Failure Center nurse practitioners are on call 24 hours a day. Our team can even begin working with you while you are in the hospital. And at any time, we can help you arrange emergency visits to the center if you have new or worsening symptoms.

Our staff will coordinate your care with home health or other agencies, and make referrals to other specialists. We can also help patients to get medications through one of several medication-assistance programs, if you qualify for those programs.

The Heart Failure Center is located at 1330 Boiling Springs Road Suite 1700 at North Grove Medical Park. Call 864-560-6409 for more information.

What is heart failure?

Heart failure is a common condition caused by a weak heart, and it usually develops slowly. It can be caused by an injury to the heart, such as the damage caused by a heart attack, by long-term high blood pressure, or when one of the heart valves is not working properly. As the heart muscle gets weaker, that generally causes worse symptoms and the need for hospital stays more often.

Patients and their providers can manage it of they work together, especially with the help of the experts at our Heart Failure Center.

Aquapheresis treatment for heart failure

Many heart disease patients, especially people with heart failure, hold excess water throughout their body. This contributes to weight gain and puts additional stress on the heart. When reducing the amount of salt and fluid in the diet or other treatments don’t work, aquapheresis at the Spartanburg Regional Heart Center is an option for our patients.

During aquapheresis, a catheter is placed in a vein and the patient’s blood is circulated through a system that filters it. This removes the excess salt and water. Many patients comment that they feel better just hours after treatment begins. Aquapheresis requires an overnight stay in the hospital of one to two days, most often.

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