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Heart: Meet Our Experts

Meet Our Heart Experts

Heart specialists at the Spartanburg Regional Heart Center are dedicated to bringing you the latest research, education and technology to improve your life if you have heart disease or a related health condition. Our highly trained team of physicians, nurses and other professionals are equipped to perform almost any heart procedure and provide all levels of care.


Our cardiologists are specially trained doctor in finding, treating and preventing diseases of the heart and blood vessels. If you are experiencing chest pains or think you have a heart condition, contact one of our cardiologist.

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Heart Surgeons

Our Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeons are skilled in the operation of heart, chest and blood vessels which may have been damaged by diseases or disorders of the cardiovascular system.

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Story of Impellar Heart Procedure with Dr. Rousseau

How the Heart Center surgeons used one of the world’s smallest heart pumps to perform life-saving surgery.

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One of America's 50 best hospitals for cardiac surgery in 2015

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    6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    Hangar B raises money to support heart health in the community and SRHS heart services.