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OrthopaedicsFor Bone, Joints, Nerves & Muscles: Experts In Orthopaedic Care

At Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, orthopaedics is one of our specialties. We’re experts in the care of bones, joints, nerves and muscles. People of all ages benefit daily from our field specialists and state-of-art facilities for treating injuries and trauma, arthritis, joint replacement and other surgeries, rehabilitation, sports medicine, pain management, and more.

Areas Of Excellence in Orthopaedics

Each year, more than 16,000 adults, teens and children visit our physicians for their expertise in orthopaedic care, and thousands more rely on us for their sports fitness and rehabilitation needs. Our specialists and sub-specialists offer a complete range of services for you and your family, from head to toe. Learn more about our orthopaedic excellence.

Meet Our Orthopaedic Experts

Our orthopaedic experts are dedicated to improving movement and discomfort after injuries and illness. These physicians, along with our experienced therapists and other professionals, can help you move from diagnosis to recovery. Learn more about our orthopaedic experts.

Orthopaedic Treatment Centers & Programs

Orthopaedic treatment, surgery, rehabilitation, sports medicine and pain management are available at our facilities across the region from physicians with extensive experience in the field. Learn more about our orthopaedic treatment centers & programs.

Orthopaedic Patient & Family Support

From diagnosis through recovery, we offer patients and family members access to support and educational materials about any new health conditions or options for care that they need. We have assembled a broad range of staff and activities to help you at every step of the way to a healthier life. Learn more about our orthopaedic patient and family support.

Orthopaedics: Our Patients, Our Experts, Real Stories.

The following videos highlight our staff’s commitment to quality and our experience with innovative care:

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