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Industrial Rehabilitation: Designed to Ensure a Healthy and Productive Workforce

Spartanburg Regional’s Industrial Rehabilitation Program is a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach that specializes in the prevention, management, and rehabilitation of injuries.  Our team includes physical therapists, occupational therapists, exercise physiologists, certified athletic trainers and certified hand therapists, with specialty certifications in ergonomics and job analysis.

We are proud to be a part of a larger team, working closely with Spartanburg Regional Occupational Health. Due to our current work with multiple industries in the area, we understand the needs of local industries. We pride ourselves on understanding all aspects of a comprehensive workplace injury prevention, management and rehabilitation program.  Consequently, programs we implement are aligned with workplace metrics and indicators that are not traditionally acknowledged or understood by our competitors.   The end result is a customized program that covers your employees from preventive measures to return to work.  These types of programs produce a positive result in all aspects of corporate wellness and workplace injury management that is beneficial to all parties involved.

Specialized Programs & Services

  • Floor based wellness maintenance and injury prevention programs
  • Injury Prevention, Management and Rehabilitation
  • Return to Work placement assistance for restricted associates
  • Functional Job Analysis with ADA-Compliant Job Description (To identify essential function of the job.)
  • Development of a Pre-Work Screen (Based on validation of the functional job description.)
  • Work Conditioning (Based on essential functions)
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation (To determine return to work options and fit-for duty.)
  • Injury-Specific Risk Assessment (Office and Industry)
    • To establish causal factors and identify solutions
    • To evaluate claims validity in litigated or questionable cases


  • Postural awareness and the individual’s role in managing ergonomics and associated risk
  • Maximizing Safety in the Workplace 
  • Body Mechanics Education and Training 
  • Office Ergonomics 
  • Developing an Ergonomics Program 
  • Your Healthy Back
  • Ergonomics to Address Risk, Medical Cost and Employee Productivity

With the integration of Spartanburg Regional’s Industrial Rehabilitation Program into your company’s safety and medical initiatives you can expect the following benefits:

  • Decreased worker's compensation costs and injury rates 
  • Decreased lost work days
  • Supports appropriateness of employee placement and light duty transitional work assignments 
  • Increased employee productivity, involvement and job satisfaction 
  • Promotes employee ownership of a healthy, wellness-oriented lifestyle 
  • Increased employee awareness of job demands

We promote cost containment and efficiency in the continuum of care and are offer multiple sites and providers to facilitate timely access, resulting in decreased lost time. Our clinicians are highly trained professionals with multiple certifications.

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