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Aquatic Therapy

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Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System Rehabilitation Services offers aquatic therapy at the Middle Tyger YMCA and the Spartanburg YMCA. Aquatic therapy helps reduce the weight-bearing environment in which patient exercise. This allows patients to perform movements in the water with relieving stress on joints and provide resistance for strengthening, toning and stabilization. Our therapist evaluate each patient and design and implement a patient-specific aquatic program for the patient.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

1. Less pressure: The buoyancy of the water decreases the amount of pressure on your joints and spine. When you’re immersed in water up to your neck, the weight pressing down on your body is reduced by 90%. When the water is up to your waist, the pressure is reduced by 50%.  This can be especially helpful after surgery, when your body is healing and you need to be careful about how much weight is placed on the surgical site.

2. Reduced swelling. The pressure of the water helps to move fluid from the injured area back into the body. Decreased swelling is essential for regaining the strength and motion needed for recovery.

3. Decreased pain. Water slows and buffers movement, which then decreases the incidence of pain. Warm water helps to decrease muscle spasms and increase tissue extensibility.

4. Ease of movement. Water is a medium that supports and assists movement. It offers a safe and pain-free setting for you to focus on regaining strength and joint range of motion.

5. Improved Cardiovascular Health. Aerobic conditioning can often be performed in the water even when it may be too soon or too difficult to do in the gym. Staying stable in the water challenges your core and balance, and sports-specific activity can begin earlier than it can on land. Aqua running can produce cardiovascular results with less impact on your joints.

6. Increase Strength: The resistance of the water aides in gentle muscle strengthening with decreased joint stress that would not be possible on land.

7. Improved Balance and Coordination: The resistance and motion of the water can provide both a safe and challenging environment in which to improve balance and coordination.

8. It’s fun! Water is a constantly changing environment that can keep you challenged and motivated during your recovery.

Who Benefits From Aquatic Therapy?

Most musculoskeletal injuries can be helped with Aquatic Therapy. Research studies have shown that aquatic therapy can help many patient populations especially those with the following Conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Fribromyalgia
  • Severe De-conditioning
  • Chronic and Severe Pain
  • Balance and walking problems
  • Injuries to the shoulder, neck, low back, hip, knee ankle & foot
  • Total knee/hip replacement
  • Various pre & post surgical conditions: Spinal fusions, Laminectomy, ACL/Meniscus Tears & Repairs.
  • Other conditions that limit the body ability to bear weight.

What Sets Spartanburg Regional Physical Therapy Aquatics apart?

We have chosen for you the very best because we know that you have choices.

  • Our pool is equipped with a current generator that allows the therapist to modulate the level of resistance to fit the therapeutic needs of each individual patient. This feature assists in developing muscle strength and endurance in a relatively painless environment.
  • The pool is kept at a comfortable 86-96 degrees to allow decreased pain and utmost relaxation.
  • A hydraulic chair lift is available for your safety and ease of entry into the pool.
  • All our aquatic sessions are provided by a licensed physical therapist in the pool, and are customized to fit the individualized needs of each patient.
  • Treatment programs are overseen by Orthopedic surgeons to ensure the best surgical and rehab outcomes

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