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Medical Weight Loss

We understand surgery isn't for everyone. Our medical weight loss program is designed for those who prefer a non-surgical option and for those who need medical weight loss prior to surgery. These programs are not a quick route to weight loss but instead focus on making smart choices, recognizing individual eating habits and making changes to maintain a healthy weight.


These programs include medically monitored visits with a nurse practitioner and a registered dietitian/lifestyle coach.

Rapid Weight Loss Program

Our newest program is designed to help you lose weight quickly and safely. It is based on a low glycemic index diet.

Weekly Visits

Weekly visits will  keep you accountable and will allow us to support your weight loss efforts.


You will receive a B12/lipotropic injection and weight loss medications (if appropriate).


By following our program guidelines, you will be able to maintain your new weight using the tools you’ve acquired. Incorporating healthy eating with regular exercise will help you reach and maintain your desired weight.

Pre-Surgical Medical Weight Loss/Behavioral Modification

This program is for patients desiring Surgical Weight Loss. Patients must complete a 3 month - 6 month Pre-Surgical Medical Weight Loss/Behavioral Modification Program prior to having surgery. The length of the Program is mandated by the individuals insurance carrier.

Upcoming Events

  • Nutritional Navigation: A Grocery Store Tour

    Join dietitian Kerri Lindberg, RD, LD for an interactive tour of your local grocery store.

  • Basic Spanish Language

    Topics to be included are: Spanish alphabet and numbers, verb conjugation, common words and expressions and basic commands and questions.

  • Maternity Tour, Center for Women

    A guided tour of our labor, delivery and post-partum areas eases stress on the day of the delivery by allowing you to become familiar with the hospital, parking and waiting areas.