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Milk Donor Program

Milk Donation

Become a Milk Donor Today

Call 843-792-5415 or visit the Mother’s Milk Bank of South Carolina Website

Our mission at Spartanburg Medical Center is to provide the best quality breast milk to premature and sick babies in order to help reach individual breastfeeding goals. We offer the support, education and supplies you need to be sure you get off to the best start.

Breast milk is the ideal nutrition for your baby, especially if your newborn is ill or was born prematurely. Human breast milk has been shown to greatly reduce illness and lower your baby’s risk of life-threatening disease such as necrotizing enterocolitis.

Donor breast milk can supplement your own for a few feedings or days until your own milk is available.

We want to offer the health benefits of human milk to your baby, so we provide pasteurized donor milk from a licensed human milk bank.

Donate Surplus Breast Milk

When mom’s milk is unavailable for very low-birth weight infants, milk that has been generously donated by screened mothers is provided to these fragile babies.

You are likely to qualify as a donor if:

  • You are generally healthy
  • You do not take medications or herbal supplements on a regular basis (with exceptions)
  • You do not smoke
  • You are willing to undergo a blood test
  • You are able to arrange for transportation of your milk to a depot (drop-off site)
  • If your milk could be delivered to a baby within one year of pump date

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