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Emergency Preparedness

What is Emergency Preparedness?

Emergency preparedness is a way to safeguard your family in case of an unexpected public emergency such as a natural disaster, terrorist action or disease outbreak. A well-developed emergency preparedness plan reduces your vulnerability and provides an important mechanism to cope in the event of a disaster.

Who is at Risk?

Everyone is at risk of natural disasters, acts of terrorism or other man-made disasters. Natural disasters include earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, landslides, flash floods, tsunami and wild fire. Man-made disasters include the release of hazardous materials, radiological emergencies and blackouts.
In 2014 alone, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reported 44 major disasters. Based on these statistics, it is imperative to prepare yourself and your loved ones for the possibility of one of these life altering events.

What you can do to prepare >>

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