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Connect 1 Needs YouConnect1 Needs You!

If you are interested in being an integral part of the training team, consider the following opportunities for physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. See the diagram below:

Physician Champion Program

  • Trains at SRHS with principal trainers in specific application
  • Assists training team with curriculum to ensure materials will be appropriate for the provider audience
  • Assists training manager in selection of credentialed trainers for provider training program
  • Provides in-classroom support of credentialed trainers during provider training (chiming in with relevant anecdotes and bringing relevancy and credibility to the classroom of peers)
  • Provides at-the-elbow support of peers during go-live
  • Serves as ongoing provider support post-go-live
  • Serves as member of Provider Super User Program
  • Required hours may vary – on average four per week through go-live


Physician Super User Program

  • Trained at SRHS by Credentialed Trainers prior to End User training
  • May assist with in-classroom support for provider training
  • Serves as ongoing ‘front line’ support for peers during go-live and beyond
  • Serves as member of the Provider Super User Program
  • Required hours may vary – on average one hour per week long-term

 Connect 1 Support Pyramid

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