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Published on April 22, 2016

Preventing and Easing Chronic Athletic Injuries

Sports Medicine Symposium Focuses on Chronic Sports Injuries

Health professionals throughout the Carolinas traveled to Spartanburg on Saturday, April 23, for the third annual Strength and Conditioning Symposium, hosted by Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System’s Sports Medicine Institute and VCOM - Carolinas Campus.

The event brought physicians, medical students, residents, physicians and allied health providers together to discuss the best ways to evaluate, diagnose and treat athletes with chronic injuries.

“Our staff of healthcare providers go above and beyond to invest time and energy to increase their education; all for the good of our patients,” said Matt Lyden, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System Sports Medicine Manager. “Our goal is to expand our knowledge in the field of expertise to deliver the best care and services that we can.”

The education symposium for medical professionals is the largest event held by the Sports Medicine Institute. In the past, speakers have traveled from Colorado, California, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

This year’s theme focused on chronic sports injuries—regardless if the athlete is a casual athlete, weekend warrior, exercise fan or high-level athlete.

“These chronic injuries are something people deal with every day, regardless of their athletic level,” Lyden said. “Moderately active individuals get stress-type injuries. For high-level athletes, bodies break down over time due to the stress and demand. We are trying to focus on getting the best education and updated research on treating those chronic conditions.”

Some chronic conditions include shoulder issues, elbow pain, and knee, foot and ankle pain.

“A perfect example of this is a child who plays little league baseball, and is focused on playing 50 out of 52 weeks out of the year,” Lyden said. “This is a big red flag. So much single-focused activity is what leads to these chronic injuries. Our team recommends doing something different such as playing basketball in the winter.”

Some of this year’s programs include organizing training into a 52-week plan and developing routines for student athletes. The goal for conference attendees was for them to leave with a better understanding of how to structure, implement and educate athletes on performance program and movements.

What is the Sports Medicine Institute?

Whether you consider yourself a casual athlete or you’re serious about your sport, injuries can happen, and the Sports Medicine Institute has the expertise to return you to your former level of fitness. Even if you’re just starting out, let us show you how to improve your greatest fitness potential — injury free.

The Sports Medicine Institute is located in Spartanburg’s Upward Star Center. The center is staffed with board-certified doctors who specialize in sports medicine, pulmonary medicine, cardiopulmonary exercise and orthopaedic surgery – including spine surgery and joint replacement. Our physical therapists are experts in sports medicine and rehabilitation.

To make an appointment at the Sports Medicine Institute, call 864-560-BONE (2663).

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