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Restorative Care: Admissions & Referrals

Restorative Care Admissions & Referrals PhotoA clinical liaison will meet with the patient’s care coordinator and review the patient chart to obtain a complete understanding of the hospital treatment, as well as past medical history. An admission date will be discussed with the patient and a date and time will be established.

With more than a decade of experience, we recognize the importance of understanding and preparing for individual needs prior to patient arrival. The result is a less stressful transition process for both patients and families.

Any licensed physician on the medical staff of Spartanburg Hospital for Restorative Care can admit a patient. Physicians interested in having staff privileges may apply for review by the medical staff team. If a physician does not wish to attend, but does desire to send a patient for care, a physician can be assigned to the patient. Upon discharge the patient may return to the care of the referring physician.

To refer a patient to SHRC, simply call the Case Management department at 864-560-3291.

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