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Published on September 03, 2014

MR Caring Suites Puts Patients in Charge of the Process

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Nervous about getting that MRI? Most people are – but instead of simply telling patients to relax, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System has invested in technology that makes it more possible to do so.

MR Caring Suites – located at Regional Outpatient Services in North Grove Medical Park – utilizes innovative equipment to enhance Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), increasing diagnostic benefits while decreasing the all-too-common anxiety that accompanies the process.

“MRI is a powerful diagnostic tool,” said Brian Webb, director of imaging services at SRHS, explaining this non-invasive scan can identify problems ranging from cardiovascular disease to bone, muscle and joint issues. “But with traditional machines, patients must lie completely still in a narrow tube for extended periods of time – it’s a claustrophobic situation that causes varying levels of distress for many of us.”  

Enter the MR Caring Suite, where a patient-centric philosophy ensures a stress-less process that’s personalized by each individual. Patients choose their own mood-lighting, visual images and music – they can select from the Caring Suite library or bring in their own favorite movies, family photos and playlists – which are then integrated into a faster MRI procedure to minimize anxiety. 

These self-selected sights and sounds combine with an imaging tube that is softer and more soothing than older models thanks to flexible foam coils, variable density foam padding and a tilt-able table. What’s more, the tubes are better-lit, wider and shorter, thus minimizing claustrophobia and, in many cases, allowing for a feet-first scan. 

“We have invested in patient comfort – physically and emotionally,” Webb said. “MR Caring Suites allows patients to create their own personalized experience. It puts them in charge of the process.”

This patient-first focus in no way sacrifices quality.

There are only 17 MR Caring Suites in the entire United States and only three in South Carolina – two of them at SRHS. This less-stress MRI option has proven so popular that SRHS recently expanded hours to accommodate more patients. If you need an MRI, talk to your physician about MR Caring Suites.

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