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Published on July 28, 2015

“It’s a Special Type of Bond”

New Moms and Spartanburg Regional Promote Breastfeeding with the Big Latch-On


Five-week-old Kellen slept in a baby carrier beside his mother, Katherine Steinmetz. As Katherine learns the ropes of becoming a new mom, she is also building a special bond with her baby with breastfeeding.


“I just assumed breastfeeding was what everyone did,” she said. “It’s comforting to Kellen, because he’s close to me and it bonds you together.” 


Tiffany Coveney also chose to breastfeed; wanting to do what was most healthy for her baby, Molly, and herself.


“I wanted a healthy baby and it’s very good for the woman. It’s a special type of bond,” Tiffany said, whose baby girl, Molly, is six weeks old. “It’s amazing that our bodies can do this.”


While breastfeeding is better than formula for a baby’s sensitive digestive system, Tiffany says it is also is easier to prepare.


“You always hear about night feedings,” Tiffany said. “Instead of having to go in the kitchen and make bottles of formula, I’m able to go in her room and feed her right then without preparing anything.”


On July 31 at 10 a.m., moms like Tiffany and Katherine around the world and our community will join together to breastfeed at the same time. This is part of The Big Latch-On, an event held nationally to raise awareness about the importance of breastfeeding.


The Big Latch On supports communities with identifying opportunities that provide ongoing support to breastfeeding moms and their babies. The key to the Big Latch On's success is allowing each community to customize their own Big Latch On events, empowering them to create an event that relates to the people of their community, while still taking part in a worldwide celebration.


Latching on refers to the best position for mom and baby where the baby is easily able to draw milk from the breast while minimizing nipple soreness and discomfort for the mother.


Along with the Big Latch On, Spartanburg Medical Center (SMC) has several other services to help new mothers breastfeed successfully.


As soon as a baby is born at SMC, the lactation team visits the mother to discuss breastfeeding and teach the mother how to help her baby latch on.


“We are here for them before they have the baby with prenatal classes specific to breast feeding,” said Carrie Angel, SMC lactation specialist. “When mom arrives in labor, we have our nurses in labor and delivery trained so that the baby can get to the breast as soon as it’s delivered. When mom recovers, the nurses are trained to help her for the duration for her stay.”


To register for the Big Latch On, call Regional Lactation Services at 864-560-2297. This is a free event.

To get involved with any of SMC’s breastfeeding classes, find the times and locations at


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