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Published on November 11, 2015

Spartanburg Regional Salutes More than 200 Veterans

In recognition of Veterans Day and in gratitude of those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System (SRHS) is celebrating and honoring more than associates, volunteers and contractors. The group of more than 200 was recognized with a special luncheon, speaker and commemorative Challenge Coin gift on Wednesday, Nov. 11, at Spartanburg Medical Center.

“On Veterans Day, we remember everybody that came before us and fought for us. Many men and women have given their lives for our country,” said SRHS CEO Bruce Holstien. “On this day we celebrate those who have dedicated their lives to our freedom.”

Several SRHS facilities also took part in the “Green Light a Vet,” a national campaign where a green light bulb hangs outside or in a window to show support for active and retired military personnel on Veterans Day.
SRHS’s veterans bring many skills and talents to work each day, in addition to their community outreach efforts outside of work. Charles Stowe, PhD will be speaking at the event. Stowe is the director of outreach services and professor of management at Lander University and is a retired Captain (O-6), US Navy Public Affairs Officer.

For photos following SRHS’s Veteran’s Day luncheon, please visit Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System’s Facebook page.

Thank you to our staff and all of those serving our country.


Dustin Abele
Andrew Alberry
Jamie Ammerman
Lori Ashmore
Jack Baker
Todd Baldwin
Richard H. Barnett, RRT
Doug Benecke
John Bible
Jerome Blakely
Christopher Bobo
Richard Boudreau
Matt Bowers
Wesley Brantley
Ervin G. Brewster
Tacita Brewton
Gail Brown
Mike Bullman
David H. Burgess
William Calton
Mark Chester
Dianne Christopher
David Clyburn
Ponice Gibson Coleman
Mary Connell
Steve Corso
Jerry Cudd
Jennifer Culbreth
Luci Daley
Glen Davis
Randy Davis, SFC (R)
Charli de Jong
Wanda DeShields
Bob Donnan
Grover Donnelly
Brian Ellis
Patrick Esposito
Andrea Evans
John Falcon
Joel Figueroa
Gracie Foster
William Foster
Jerry Fowler
Gabe Gaertner
Lyell Garland
Tracey Graham
Bill Gray
Brian Guernsey
Zachary Guida
Kinsy Hall
Brittany Head
Hank Hill
Jeff Hix
Harold Holcomb
Scott Hovis, MD
Dwight Hylton
Jim Inman
Tameka Irvin
Barbara B. Jackson
Ronald Januchowski
James Johnson
Jason Johnson
Michael Johnson
Joseph Jones
Julian Josey, MD
Debora Kane
Lester E. Kennedy
Victoria Kilcawley
Randy Knox
Crystal Lallement
Danny Lee
Jay Lemmons
Paul Lepage
Hilda Martin
John McAbee
Quentin McClintock
Shaunte Means
Marilyn Miller
Scott Miller
Roquontra Morton
Rachael Moss
Williams Owens
Vincent Pair
Andrea Perry
Terry Pogue
Finley Pollard
David Pope
David Price
Roy Raines
Julie Rakes
Roger Ravan
Samuel Reid
Jimmy Riley
Joe Roque
Ronald Sample
Nicolas Sandberg
Carl Scibetta
John Scott
Sonya Scott
Eddie Shelton
Nathan Shields
Kevin M. Siegmund
Chris A. Skinner, LTC (R)
Bill Smith
Drew J. Steiner, MD
James Stephens
James Story
Tamara Tackett
Donald Taylor
Bobby Taylor
Albert F. Walden
Phil Walden
John Walker
Kimberly Westley
John White
Gail R. Whiteaker, APRN
Dale Willenberg
Willette Wilson
Robert Wolfe
Donna V. Wright
John Yarborough
John Yelton
ShaReda Young
Tonette Young

Coast Guard:

Michael Riordan


Summer Arias
James Atkins
Susan Bagley
Richard H. Barnett, RRT
James D. Bearden, III, CAPT.USNR-MC,Ret.
Dawn Burdick
Richard Burgess
Barbara Coady
Robert Crisman
Jeffrey Cummings
Bradley Daley
John Dargan
Gerald Deel
Michael Enright
Kyle Garbart
Scott Gosnell
Phillip Hanna
John T. Harris
Linda Hellebrand
Joel Hocker
Marie Horton
Curtis Jackson
Ralph Jenkins
Thomas Kansas
William Kerfoot
Ladia Konz
Joshua Lance
Tim Lanning
Joe Mackey
Kevin Mings
Garry D. Moore
Josh Moore
Darlene Myles
Vladimir Napechnik
William Norman
Dea Norton
Rondey Peake
Everette Pearson
John M. Phillips
Michael J. Porter
Greg Powell
David Price
Lauren M. Rauscher
John Rhodes
Robtees Smith
Jeff Straub
Christopher Suddeth
Lisa Swann
Angelene Thompson
Tanya Thompson
Ryan Tracy
Paul L. Varner
LaNora Williams
Jason Wilson
William L. Woodruff
Monty Wright


Douglas Anglin
Jesse Atkins
Richard Bennett
Steve Bright
Ben Brown
Hollie Brown
John Cole
Ty Davis
Aroderick Earle
Adam Elmore
Tim Fagan
Carlos Fonte
Jimmie Garner
Devonne Gerstennacker
Amy Holder
Scott Hovis, MD
Christopher Kuss
Chris Malloch
Scott Meyer
Vincent Pair
Kim Anne Pickett
Nichole Sellers
Jeff Walker
Greg Watson

Air Force:

Robert Arnett
Todd Baldwin
Bert Basabe
James D. Bearden, III, CAPT.USNR-MC,Ret.
Tara Bobo
Richard Burgess
Todd Burnette
Jason Cantrell
Greg Catoe
Kelli Clune
Chuck Cobb
Duane Evans
Tim Fagan
Steven Fish
Bob Ford
Lucy Gansauer
Brad Gardinier
Walter Grady
Tracy Grant
Chris Henderson
Hank Hill
Jeff Hix
Debbie Jank
Ralph Jenkins
Charles Jennings
Robert Jones
Randy Joye
Jack Kendrick
Vince Kish
Peter Kobes
Randy Lamkin
Wayne Loudermilk
Rosa Maguire
Bryan May
Rick Nelson
Jacqui O’Kane, DO, USAFR
Vincent Pair
John Phillips
Andrea Rambo
Rick Rivera
Bruce Robbins
David Sage
Bob Scherer, S/SGT
Carl Scibetta
Les Scoggin
Henry Segner
Debbie Simmons
Felix Snoddy
Mary-Anne Stevens
Jason Taylor
Wayne Timmons
Jim Turmel
Norm Uber
Boyce Ward
Michael Watkins, MD
Donnell Wilkins
Billy Winkles
Shirley Wright

About Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System (SRHS) offers a full spectrum of services through four hospitals: Spartanburg Medical Center, Pelham Medical Center, Spartanburg Hospital for Restorative Care and Union Medical Center. SRHS also includes Ellen Sagar Nursing Center, 113-bed long-term care, skilled nursing facility that offers nursing care and rehabilitation services. SRHS provides unparalleled oncological care through the Gibbs Cancer Center & Research Institute. The multidisciplinary Medical Group of the Carolinas has more than 300 physicians across seven counties in two states. SRHS employs nearly 6,000 associates and offers outpatient surgery centers, a vibrant post-acute division, a Level I Trauma Center, and Advicare, a licensed Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). Advicare provides Medicaid services to residents throughout the state of South Carolina. U.S. News and World Report ranked Spartanburg Medical Center the No. 1 regional hospital in South Carolina in 2014-15. The Commission on Cancer gave Gibbs Cancer Center & Research Institute its Outstanding Achievement Award.

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