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Bloodless Medicine and Surgery

Bloodless Medicine is a means of providing medical care while eliminating or reducing the need for blood transfusions. This program is available to all patients. Bloodless techniques and strategies make it possible to perform some of the most complicated surgeries - everything from joint replacement to heart bypass - with minimum blood loss and lower likelihood of blood transfusion.

Created in 1999, Spartanburg Regional’s Bloodless/Blood Conservation Program was the first in South Carolina. We are part of a network of hospitals nationwide committed to providing medical and surgical alternatives to patients who seek either transfusion-free medicine, or wish to minimize their exposure to blood transfusion.

Our unique program has members from various backgrounds including anesthesia, surgery, lab, blood bank, case management and community members, including a representative from Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Since blood banks are struggling to keep up with supply and demand, it is crucial to learn how to preserve our blood supply. Also, trauma situations often demand the need of this precious resource, as do many cancer treatments.

Since the start of the program, Spartanburg Regional’s coordinator has served as a resource to patients. The coordinator assists patients and their families throughout the consultation and hospital stay.

The coordinator provides continuing education classes for nurses and physicians. We have brought in some of the top specialists and scientists to lecture, such as former Society for the Advancement of Blood Management president, Richard Spence, M.D.; Patricia Ford, M.D.; and presently, Jonathan Waters, M.D. Spartanburg Regional’s bloodless medicine program coordinator was one of the founding members of the Society for the Advancement of Blood Management.

Respecting Patient Choice

Many patients choose not to receive blood transfusions for religious or personal reasons. At Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, physicians and other health professionals from a variety of disciplines work together to provide patients with a safe and effective alternative to blood transfusions. Respecting patient choice is an important part of Bloodless Medicine.

To ensure that your healthcare wishes are respected, complete the South Carolina Healthcare Power of Attorney form.

Print out a blood and blood products form prior to your hospital visit.

For more information, call the coordinator of the Bloodless Medicine and Surgery program at 864-560-6148.

Society for the Advancement of Blood Management

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