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Breast Cancer Team

Breast Cancer Program

Most cancers take years to develop. Cancer is a disease in which some cells in your body undergo a molecular or genetic change, begin to multiply uncontrollably and grow to form a mass that is called a tumor. The mass can continue to grow and it can soon compromise the normal function of the surrounding tissue. In addition, cells from a tumor can spread into other tissues or organs, or spread to distant organs via the circulatory or lymphatic systems.

Breast cancer is a type of cancer arising from breast tissue. There are no known direct causes of this disease, but there are numerous factors that may put you at risk for developing breast cancer during your lifetime. The Gibbs Cancer Center & Research Institute provides services to assess your risks, screen you for cancer, and guide you through your treatment and recovery process. The primary focus of the breast cancer team at the Gibbs is early detection and treatment of your breast cancer. We think that spending the time to properly plan your treatment with our expert team is well worth it.

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Monthly Events

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    2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    Cancer Survivors Day honors the perseverance and courage of all cancer survivors.

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