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Non-small Cell Lung Cancer NSCLC; Stages I-II; African-American, (WF01414) Observation

Improving Resection Rates Among African Americans With NSCLC



This is a randomized, interventional trial in which the navigation is the intervention. Phase is not applicable. The study is a randomized trial to evaluate the impact of a nurse-led patient navigation intervention in improving rates of receipt of lung-directed therapy with curative intent (LDTCI) among African Americans with early-stage lung cancer. Study sites are cluster-randomized to either the usual care study arm or the to the navigation intervention study arm. Randomization occurred at the level of the study site rather than at the level of individual participants. There are two arms.

Key Inclusion Criteria

For a patient to be eligible for participation in this study, all of the following criteria must apply.
  • AA race
  • Clinically suspicious or biopsy-proven, early-stage NSCLC, and
  • Ages 21 years and older

Key Exclusion Criteria

A patient will not be eligible for participation in this study if any of the following criteria apply.
  • Previous history of lung cancer
  • Spread of newly diagnosed probably/proven lung cancer to other part of the body
  • Diagnosis of synchronous cancer other than non-melanoma skin cancer or lung cancer, and
  • Receipt of surgical resection or radiosurgery for lung cancer since diagnosis with probable/proven lung cancer

Phase: N/A

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IRB Protocol Number
Principal Investigator(s)
Drew Monitto, M.D.

Clinical Trial Categories

  • Thoracic Cancer
  • Symptom Management & Cancer Control
  • Oncology
Wake Forest NCORP Research Base
How to Participate

LaToya Davis


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