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S1417CD: Financial Toxicity in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

Implementation of a Prospective Financial Impact Assessment Tool in Patients With Metastatic Colorectal Cancer



This clinical trial studies the use of the financial impact assessment tool in patients with colorectal cancer that has spread from the primary site to other places in the body. Gathering information about patients with colorectal cancer over time may help doctors better understand the financial impact of cancer and help patients avoid financial problems during treatment.

Key Inclusion Criteria

For a patient to be eligible for participation in this study, all of the following criteria must apply.
  • Patients must have newly diagnosed metastatic colon or rectal cancer (mCRC) (de novo metastatic diagnosis) or metastatic recurrence after prior treatment for stage I-III disease and be </= 120 days after diagnosis at time of registration
  • Systemic chemotherapy and/or systemic biologic therapy must be planned to be administered within 30 days after registration or must have been initiated within 60 days prior to registration; patients who are planning palliative or hospice care only (no chemotherapy or biologic therapy) are not eligible
  • Patients must plan to receive treatment at the registering site; registering site must be an NCORP site
  • Patients must be able to complete questionnaires in English
  • Patients must provide their full name, primary address in the United States (U.S.), birth date and social security number at registration for the purposes of accessing credit report data
  • Patients must sign and give written informed consent in accordance with institutional and federal guidelines
  • As a part of the Oncology Patient Enrollment Network (OPEN) registration process, the treating institution's identity is provided in order to ensure that the current (within 365 days) date of institutional review board approval for this study has been entered in the system

Phase: N/A

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IRB Protocol Number
Principal Investigator(s)
James D. Bearden III, M.D.

Clinical Trial Categories

  • Cancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
  • Gastrointestinal Cancer
Southwest Oncology Group
How to Participate

Ken Kuenzli, RN


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