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Nationally Accredited Chest Pain Centers

Spartanburg Regional Heart Center is the first in the state of South Carolina to receive national accreditation as an Accredited Chest Pain Center Primary PCI with Resuscitation. This means our Cath Lab can place a stent to keep an artery open and also utilizes an evidence-based hypothermia program for cardiac arrest patients.

If you have chest pain, it is crucial to seek immediate medical attention — doing so can save your heart muscle and your life. As soon as you call 9-1-1 because of chest pain, our emergency physicians, cardiologists, critical care nurses, and paramedics follow national guidelines to diagnose and treat you quickly.

Our Chest Pain Centers are located in a dedicated section of the Emergency Center at Spartanburg Medical Center and at Spartanburg Medical Center - Mary Black Campus.

What Is a Nationally Accredited Chest Pain Center?

Accreditation means that our physicians and staff follow national protocols to evaluate and treat patients more quickly and accurately during the early stages of a heart attack, a critical time when treatments are most effective.

Our Chest Pain Center has earned the most advanced accreditation level available from the American College of Cardiology’s Accreditation Services. This national accreditation demonstrates our commitment to always being ready to treat patients with heart attack.

It also shows that we have the advanced skills to provide effective care without emergency surgery (a procedure called percutaneous coronary intervention) for many of our heart attack patients.

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