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Structural Heart Program

Structural Heart Program

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System is transforming the treatment of structural heart disease and giving new hope to people who are not candidates for traditional open heart procedures.

Structural heart conditions are defects in the structural components of the heart, such as the wall, valves or chambers. These defects can be present at birth or develop with age. Open-heart surgery is still the preferred method of treatment for most structural heart defects, but some people are not candidates due to their age or health history.

Structural heart disease is one of the fastest growing fields in cardiovascular medicine. Incredible advancements in technology have now made it possible for many people with structural heart disease to be treated with non-surgical, minimally invasive procedures that offer lower risk, less trauma and a faster recovery.

The Structural Heart Program is comprised of a team of experts, including interventional cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons, who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of structural heart conditions. Every patient's treatment plan is a collaborative effort between a dedicated team of healthcare professionals in order to provide patients the highest level of personalized care.

Our Program

Signature components of the structural heart program include:

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To learn more about treatment for structural heart conditions, call our Structural Heart Program Coordinator at 864-560-8133.

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