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At Spartanburg Regional Home Health, we are proud of our skilled, caring, trustworthy and compassionate experts. Our clinicians visit your home to deliver customized, physician-prescribed care after a hospital stay, illness or injury to help you rehabilitate and achieve your optimal level of independence. We also help you manage chronic conditions to help prevent avoidable hospitalizations. Our team of professionals includes:

Registered Nurses (RN)

Registered nurses teach you how to manage your illness or injury and explain post-treatment home care needs. RNs follow the care plan your physician recommends. Your RN will also:

  • Observe and assess your health
  • Teach self-monitoring techniques
  • Administer medication
  • Manage intravenous (IV) lines for fluids and medication
  • Administer therapies and treatments
  • Consult with physicians and other healthcare clinicians

Home Health Aides (HHA)

Home health aides help with daily living activities such as dressing, eating and bathing.

Physical Therapists (PT)

Physical therapists evaluate your functional ability and help you improve walking, balance, strength and range of motion. Your PT will provide education on techniques to improve mobility and teach you exercises to do on your own.

Occupational Therapists (OT)

An occupational therapist will evaluate your ability to perform everyday activities such as bathing, dressing and eating. Your OT will help you improve your ability to take care of yourself safely in your home. Your therapist may recommend home modifications such as bathroom safety aids, and special equipment such as wheelchairs and eating aids. You and your family will receive education on how to use them safely.

Speech-language Pathologists (ST)

Speech-language pathologists evaluate swallowing, language, cognition and thinking skills, and communication issues. To improve your quality of life, your ST will help you regain the ability to eat and swallow, improve your cognitive skills, and regain communication skills to express your wants, needs and ideas.

Medical Social Workers (MSW)

One of our medical social workers will help you and your family adapt to your illness. Your social worker will help coordinate medical and non-medical services such as providing home-delivered meals, discussing your eligibility for other assistance programs and explaining your medical bills. You’ll receive counseling on emotional concerns caused by your illness, help with long-range planning and learn how to access community resources available to you.

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