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MR Caring Suite

Imaging and Radiology: Experience And Expertise With High-Tech Procedures

Medical imaging, or radiology, is a specialty in which we use a range of procedures to examine and reach the inside of the body. The techniques and equipment are complex and powerful which include Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT Imaging. And the radiologists at Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System are experts in this medical field. We are dedicated specialists and sub-specialists who diagnose health conditions as well as treat them. The tools we use include familiar X-rays and ultrasound, plus high-tech computerized MRI, CT scan, linear accelerator and more. And for your convenience, we offer this high level of care at many different locations in our communities. 

Imaging Areas Of Excellence

Today, with advancements in the field of radiology, our imaging specialists are often involved in patient care beginning with diagnosis and treatment and through recovery. From broken bones and migraines, to heart disease and cancer, we have invested in the experts, facilities and equipment for people with a variety of medical needs and conditions. 

Our Experts, Our Equipment: For A Full Range Of Care

Central to our ability to provide the right type of imaging and care for each patient are physicians and staff who specialize in the field of radiology. These include physicians who are specialists and sub-specialists in radiology, radiation oncology (for cancer), neuro-radiology (brain and nervous system), plus vascular and interventional radiology.

We have also invested in the facilities and equipment to provide our patients the most advanced, convenient and comfortable radiology services available. Some highlights:

Treating Migraine with “SPG Block”: Physicians who specialize in interventional radiology offer this exciting pain relief procedure for patients with migraine.

Breast imaging, including screening mammograms at several locations, is a focus of the experts with Bearden-Josey Center for Breast Health.


Powerful 3-Tesla MRI, magnetic resonance imaging: Not every healthcare facility offers patients the most powerful MRI with the clearest images. But the imaging experts at both Bearden-Josey Center for Breast Health on the campus of Spartanburg Medical Center, and at North Grove Medical Park do. Using these two 3-Tesla MRIs gives us the option of providing a faster, more advanced type of MRI to find tumors, bleeding or infection and injuries of the breast, head, chest, blood vessels, abdomen, pelvis, and bones and joints, including the spine.

Roomier, more open MRIs. We offer three different locations with “wide-bore” MRIs, which are roomier and more comfortable than traditional MRIs. These more open MRIs are at Bearden-Josey Center for Breast Health, North Grove Medical Park and Pelham Medical Center.

MR Caring Suites: Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System is the only health system in the state of South Carolina to give patients the option of having your MRI in an “MR Caring Suite.” It is a much quieter and spacious MRI, where your comfort is as important as the high-quality imaging.

Our Patients. Our Experts. Real Stories.

The following videos and links highlight our staff’s commitment to quality and our experience with innovative care.

In this video, one of our radiologists, Kyran Dowling, MD, explains radioembolization for liver cancer, where experts in imaging and radiation shrink cancer when surgery is not an option.

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