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Laboratory Test Catalog

The Test Catalog contains information regarding tests available through the Laboratory at Spartanburg Medical Center. The professional staff of the Laboratory is responsible for the performance or referral of requested tests.

The catalog is divided into four categories: Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Lab, Transfusion Services and Specimen Collection.

The specimen collection section is a general guide to proper procurement of laboratory specimens; however one must refer to the specific test requested for any additional requirements.

The test information is alphabetized for ease of use and contains information such as specimen type, collection container/tube, reference intervals, methodology, CPT codes, patient preparation and other pertinent information.

Tests listed in the catalog are performed at Spartanburg Medical Center with the exception of tests that are sent to reference laboratories. Reference tests are identified by an asterisk (or otherwise indicated) after the test name. It is impossible to list every reference test; therefore if the test is not listed in the catalog it is advisable to contact the laboratory before collecting specimens. Many reference specimens have special collection and/or stability requirements making specimen collection unavailable 24 hours a day.

Our Laboratory Services and Support are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. Technical and clinical associates are on hand to answer questions. In order to ensure the best quality results and avoid unnecessary delays, please follow the instructions listed in the catalog for test requests.

Anatomic Pathology

1 Test B
1 Test C
1 Test D
1 Test F
1 Test L
1 Test M
1 Test N
1 Test R
1 Test S

Clinical Lab

35 Tests A
22 Tests B
66 Tests C
8 Tests D
6 Tests E
17 Tests F
24 Tests G
32 Tests H
13 Tests I
1 Test K
20 Tests L
16 Tests M
3 Tests N
6 Tests O
45 Tests P
1 Test Q
11 Tests R
24 Tests S
33 Tests T
6 Tests U
15 Tests V
1 Test W
1 Test Y
1 Test Z

Specimen Collection

1 Test A
1 Test M
1 Test S
1 Test V

Transfusion Services

3 Tests A
1 Test C
1 Test D
2 Tests E
1 Test F
2 Tests P
1 Test R
10 Tests T

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