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Published on March 07, 2019

Amnisure ROM 






Specimen Type

Use only Amnisure Specimen Collection swabs and vials included in the kit.  Amnisure vials (which include a solvent) and swabs are available from the Core Lab.


Use only Amnisure swabs and vials included in the kit, available from the Core Lab.

Collection Instructions

Collection performed by physician or nurse:

1.While patient is lying flat on her back insert the polyester tip into the vagina until the fingers contact the skin.  (No more than 2-3 inches deep)

2.  Withdraw the swab after one minute.

3.  Place the polyester tip into the vial and rinse the swab in the solvent inside the vial by rotating for one minute.

4. Remove and dispose of the swab.  Place a cap on the vial.  

5.  Label the vial with patient's name, DOB, date and time of collection or use a hospital label.

6.  Place vial in biohazard bag and transport to Lab so testing can take place within 4 hours of collections.



Additional Information

The Amnisure ROM test is a rapid, qualitative test for the detection of amniotic fluid in vaginal secretions of pregnant patients who report signs, symptoms or complaints suggestive of rupture of membranes.

Patient Preparation


Specimen Processing Instructions

Testing must occur within 4 hours of collection.

Transport Requirements

Place a labeled vial in a biohazard bag and transport to the Lab so testing can occur within 4 hours of collection.

Specimen Stability

4 hours after collection

Rejection Criteria

1.  Specimens collected in or by any sample device other than the Amnisure Specimen Collection Kit. 
2.  Specimens with insufficient volume for testing. 
3.  Specimens received unlabeled. 
4.  Specimens received >4 hours after collection.

5.  Specimens received in the Lab with the swab present in the solvent (in the vial).

6.  Specimens collected from a patient within 6 hours of administration of medication or cleanser in the vagina.

Reference Range


Critical Value


Test Includes



Lateral flow, Immunochromatography assay 

Testing Frequency

Daily, Monday - Sunday 


Reviewed By

Sandy Hammett 

Reviewed Date




Reviewed by Sandy Hammett on March 07, 2019

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