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Bordetella pertussis Culture * (DFA not included)




87081; 87265 


B.pertussis culture; Whooping Cough  Culture; Pertussis Culture;  

Specimen Type

Nasopharyngeal  swab (NP) only


 Use flexible calcium alginate swabs and Bordetella transport media (Regan-Lowe) Swabs and media available from the lab. Call 560-6212. Lab has kits and collection instructions available.

Collection Instructions

1st swab-Guide the flexible swab into the contour of the nares and into nasopharynx. Pass the swab gently through the nose. Leave the swab in place near septum and floor of nose for 15-30 seconds. Rotate gently and remove. Place swab in media. Break or cut off the swab ensuring it is not protruding from the cap. Label specimen correctly.


 One culture

Additional Information

This is not the PCR for Bordetella. Collection and order is different. See Bordetella pertussis PCR in test catalog. Call Lab for any information.
Specimens are sent Mon-Sat. only. No Sundays or holidays. Specimen must be sent to lab by 8 am on Saturdays in order to be sent to reference lab.
DFA is not performed by Lab Corp and is not part of the test.
PCR procedures provide  more rapid results. Studies have shown that the best yield is obtained when PCR and Culture are used to diagnose infection.

Patient Preparation

Patient should not be on antimicrobial therapy.

Specimen Processing Instructions

Ensure specimen is in correct media.

Transport Requirements

 Culture- refrigerate

Specimen Stability


Rejection Criteria

Culture not labeled correctly. Specimen not in transport media. Nasal Washings; Throat swabs

Reference Range


Critical Value


Test Includes

Culture for Bordetella pertussis 



Testing Frequency




Reviewed By

Lisa McBride  

Reviewed Date



*   Denotes Reference Lab test

Reviewed by Lisa McBride on February 05, 2018

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