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Quantiferon TB *






TB Gold; Quantiferon® TB Gold; Interferon-gamma Release Assay for Tuberculosis 

Specimen Type

Whole blood- special tubes from lab.


Special collection tubes available from Referred Dept.(LabCorp) Collection kit (QFT™) contains three gel-barrier tubes: Gray-top/white ring(nil), red-top/white ring(TB antigens) and purple-top/white ring (mitogen).  ALL three tubes are required for this test. 

Collection Instructions

Because of limited vacuum in these tubes, use a needle and holder (not a butterfly).  If a butterfly is required, first collect other required tubes or use another Vacutainer™ tube to purge the butterfly line of air and then proceed with drawing. Fill tubes to the black fill line on the tube. Do not overfill or under fill. If this happens, immediately redraw a replacement tube. Following proper fill, shake tubes 10 times firmly enough to ensure the entire surface of the tube is coated with blood cells; frothing will occur. Place properly filled and labeled tubes back in box. Do not seal the box containing the tubes before delivering to the lab. Do not centrifuge or refrigerate! 
Specimen can only be collected Sunday –Thursday. Specimens cannot be collected the day before a holiday. 


1 ml x three tubes (see previous instructions)

Additional Information

Used to aid in the diagnosis of both latent and active infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This test has been shown to be accurate in HIV-positive individuals with moderately advanced disease.

Patient Preparation

Specimen Processing Instructions

LAB Processing: DO NOT Centrifuge. Three tubes will come in a box, (QFT™ kit ) check each tube to ensure each is properly filled and labeled correctly. Place tubes back in the box.  Shake for a few seconds. Attach a lab computer label on the box and place in the incubator (37▫) standing upright in the Microbiology Department overnight.(16-24 hrs.) Leave information for Lab Corp processor on the log sheet.

Do not send the boxes through the pneumatic tube system.

Transport Requirements

Room temperature ONLY

Specimen Stability

LabCorp must receive specimen within 70 hours after incubation. 

Rejection Criteria

Specimens not collected in special tubes. Centrifuged, refrigerated or frozen specimens. Tubes not labeled correctly.

Reference Range


Critical Value


Test Includes

Quantiferon® TB 



Testing Frequency




Reviewed By

Lisa McBride

Reviewed Date



* Reference Lab Test

Reviewed by Lisa McBride on February 19, 2018

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