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  • Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition Therapy at Pelham Medical Center

Nutrition Therapy

For questions please call 864-530-3427. Please note that a referral is required for all new patients.

The dietitians at Pelham Medical Center can help you understand how eating the right foods can improve their overall health: preventing complications from, and managing the symptoms of, many common chronic diseases.

The Nutrition Therapy program at Pelham Medical Center provides you with comprehensive, individualized, one-on-one nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian. We focus on chronic diseases and conditions, lifestyle modification and prevention and wellness including:

  • Gastro-Intestinal disorders
  • Heart Health
  • Weight Management
  • Food Allergies and Intolerances
  • General Nutrition, Wellness and Healthy Eating

With an awareness of the role that nutrition plays in every facet of their lives, we work to develop realistic goals helping them take an important step toward improving overall health.

Metabolic Testing

Our nutrition experts offer metabolic testing, which can be used alone, or in combination with other nutrition counseling services. Metabolic testing determines how many calories a person’s body burns each day. Everyone has a different metabolism, and by measuring it, meal plans can be tailored to each person’s individual needs. Metabolic testing is used as a tool to help people who want to lose, gain, or maintain weight, as well as those wishing to improve their overall health and fitness level.

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