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A young man holds a gel ice pack to his elbow

Elbow Pain

Your elbow is a complex joint that allows you to bend and extend your arm. Due to this “hinge” motion of your elbow, you can flex your biceps and hold your hands on your hips. The elbow also allows you to rotate your forearm and wrist.

Sometimes, the bones, muscles and ligaments that make up your elbow can become damaged due to overuse or injury. This can lead to elbow pain that can hinder your sports performance and everyday life.

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Whatever the source of your elbow pain, the physicians and physical therapists with Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System Rehabilitation Services can help you feel and function better.

Causes of Elbow Pain

Elbow pain can be caused by repetitive overuse of the elbow or a traumatic injury.

The most common elbow pain conditions include:

  • Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis). Tennis elbow occurs when the muscles and tendons on the outside of the elbow become damaged from overuse. Repetitive motions, such as hitting a tennis ball or painting a wall can cause wear and tear on the elbow and lead to this condition.
  • Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis). Golfer’s elbow happens when the muscles and tendons on the inside of the elbow become damaged due to overuse. Pain is caused by repeatedly clenching your fist to hold an object — such as a golf club or tennis racket.
  • Dislocation. An elbow dislocation occurs when the joints of the elbow become separated — either partially or completely. Falling onto the arm typically causes it.
  • Cubital tunnel syndrome. This condition occurs when the funny bone nerve (ulnar nerve) incurs too much pressure or is stretched too far — leading to numbness and tingling in the arm, hand or fingers.
  • Compartment syndrome. Compartment syndrome occurs when too much pressure is put on the muscles of the elbows, causing swelling and bleeding.
  • Elbow fractures. Elbow fractures occur when the bones of the elbow break. Falling on the arm often causes it.
  • Elbow bursitis (Popeye elbow). Elbow bursitis occurs when the ball of the elbow becomes red and swollen due to inflammation of the bursa (the “cushions” that sit between the bones and soft tissues).
  • Distal bicep tear. The bicep muscle sits in your upper arm between your elbow and shoulder. When this muscle becomes torn, it can lead to elbow pain.

Treatments for Elbow Pain

When you injure your elbow, our doctors will assess if nonsurgical treatments through Spartanburg Regional Rehabilitation Services, such as wearing a brace, steroid injections, doing physical therapy exercises or resting the elbow, will help heal your pain.

Get Started

Talk to your doctor about a referral to physical or occupational therapy.  With the referral, we can schedule you for an evaluation right away and together take the first steps towards improvement or recovery.


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