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X-ray of hips with arthritis

Hip Pain

The hip joint — the ball-and-socket joint that connects your leg to your torso — is one of the most important joints of the body. It allows you to walk, run and jump. However, it is also prone to injury due to its extreme flexibility and hard work in supporting your body’s weight.

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When you experience an injury that affects the bones, muscles or tendons of the hip, the physicians and physical therapists with Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System Rehabilitation Services can help treat your condition and get you back to life.

Causes of Hip Pain

The most common hip conditions and injuries include:

  • Adductor strain (groin strain). This injury occurs when the muscles of the inner thigh become torn or stretched out due to overuse.
  • Avascular necrosis (AVN). Also known as osteonecrosis, this condition occurs when blood supply to the hip bones is cut off, causing pain. 
  • Femoral acetabular impingement (FAI). This condition occurs when the bones of the hip do not fit together properly, causing friction between the bones and damage to the hip joint.
  • Hip bursitis. Bursa are small, jelly-filled sacs that sit between your bones to help protect them and keep them from rubbing together. When the bursas of your hip become inflamed (irritated) due to overuse, it can cause extreme pain.
  • Hip dislocation. This injury occurs when the thighbone becomes separated from the hipbone, due to a traumatic injury. 
  • Hip flexor strain. This injury occurs when the muscles or tendons of the hip become torn or stretched out due to overuse.
  • Hip fracture (femur). This injury occurs when the thigh bone (femur) breaks.
  • Hip osteoarthritis. This condition, which often affects older adults, occurs when the hip joint becomes painful and stiff, due to overuse.
  • Labral tear. This painful condition occurs when the labrum (cartilage that supports the hip joint) is torn or separated from the hip joint.
  • Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD). This condition affects the hip joint. It most often occurs in children when a bone becomes separated from the other bones due to low blood supply.
  • Snapping hip syndrome. When your hip makes a popping or snapping sound when you move, you have snapping hip syndrome. This sound is due to your hip muscles or tendons rubbing against a bump in one of your hip bones. This condition can sometimes lead to hip bursitis.

Treatments for Hip Pain

When you injure your hip, our specialists will assess if nonsurgical treatments through Spartanburg Regional Rehabilitation Services will help heal your pain.

Examples of nonsurgical treatments include taking anti-inflammatory medications, steroid injections, doing physical therapy exercises or resting the injury.

Hip injuries often require surgery. When surgery is necessary, you can rest assured that our specialists are experienced in both total and partial hip joint replacement surgery.

For every patient, we create a comprehensive plan to get you ready for surgery and a successful rehabilitation following surgery — so you can get back to a more active lifestyle.

Throughout your care, we’ll coordinate every aspect of the treatment process with a variety of joint specialists at Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System — from rehabilitation during your hospital stay to care after you return home.

You are one of the most important members of your healthcare team so we have created “The Joint Camp” at Spartanburg Medical Center and Pelham Medical Center to help you with this role. The program includes education so you’ll know what to expect at each phase of your care, from the first appointment to recovery so you can quickly and safely return to the activities most important to you.

Get Started

Talk to your doctor about a referral to physical or occupational therapy.  With the referral, we can schedule you for an evaluation right away and together take the first steps towards improvement or recovery.


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