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Dr. Rousseau Robotics Surgery Expert

Meet Our Robotics Experts

Our surgeons are among the South's most experienced in robotic surgery. And Spartanburg Regional's robotics program is one of the most comprehensive you'll find anywhere.

Our experts work closely with your entire healthcare team, from diagnosis to treatment and recovery. Experts in a range of medical specialties and subspecialties use computer-guided surgery tools as well as other tools to create the best surgery and recovery plan for each patient.

Our Experts Work Together

Below are specialists and sub-specialists who most commonly bring the advantages of computer-assisted surgery to their patients.

  • Bariatric surgeons, for weight loss procedures
  • Cardiothoracic surgeons, who are heart, chest and lung specialists
  • Oncology (cancer) surgeons, for cardiothoracic, gynecology and urology procedures
  • Thoracic surgeons, who are chest and lung specialists
  • Urological surgeons, for prostate and kidney conditions

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