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Single-Site® Gallbladder Surgery

If you need your gallbladder removed, the experienced surgeons at Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System offer several options, including one that requires a one small incision through the belly button. It’s called Single-Site® Gallbladder Surgery using the da Vinci Surgical System.

This technique to remove the gallbladder offers our patients several benefits, including shorter hospital stays and virtually no scars. With other gallbladder procedures – even those using different techniques with the da Vinci Surgical System – patients might have three or more incisions, resulting in more scars.

Single-site surgery hides a single scar in the belly button. Patients with this newer procedure might also experience benefits such as:

  • A low rate of major complications
  • Less need for traditional surgery
  • Minimal pain.

Patients often express a high level of satisfaction with Single-Site Gallbladder Surgery.

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