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Physical therapist at Sports Medicine Institute

Athletic Trainers

To make an appointment, call 
864-560-BONE (2663).

Our certified athletic trainers provide medical coverage at area middle school and high school sporting events. This on-site support allows for immediate assessment and care following sports injuries.

Spartanburg Methodist College

  • Jaimee Bowman MS, ATC 
  • Sarah Jordan MS, ATC

USC Upstate

  • Justin Keith ATC 
  • Katlyn Ledbetter MS, ATC

Wofford College

  • Alyss Hart MED, ATC  
  • Caroline Robbins ATC  
  • Riley Cox MS, ATC
  • Will Christman MS, ATC 
  • Zach Lapinski MS, ATC 

Broome High School

  • Kristin Schmidt ATC
  • Nikki Ridgeway ATC 

Byrnes High School

  • Michelle Pottratz MS, ATC 
  • Tiffany Walker MS, ATC 

Chapman High School

  • Allen Merrill ATC
  • Ashley Grodecki MA, ATC

Dorman High School

  • Liz Caldwell ATC
  • Mark Mancebo MS, ATC 

Gaffney High School

  • Si 'Ara Washington ATC 

Landrum High School

  • Jordan Hawkins ATC
  • Mike Baker  ATC 

Spartanburg Day School

  • Phil Paoletta MS, ATC 

Spartanburg High School

  • Sara Kersteter MED, ATC 

Sports Medicine Institute

  • Brent Smith MED, ATC 
  • Jennifer Nixon MPS, ATC
  • Molly Anderson MED, ATC
  • Sara Frye ATC 
  • Stefanie Cox MS, ATC

Woodruff High School

  • Jennifer Burt MS, ATC

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