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Photography & Videography

We understand that you want to capture this special event on video or in photographs. However, for the safety and security of mothers, babies, staff and physicians, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System asks that you follow these guidelines:

  • For a vaginal birth, videotaping and photographing are permitted after the birth, once the baby is dry, clean and alert.
  • Videotaping is not permitted for Cesarean sections, and photographs are allowed only after the baby is dry, clean and alert.
  • Physicians and nursing or surgical staff involved in the birth and care of the mother and baby must give permission to be included in any videography or photography. In the event of an emergency, or at the request of any healthcare provider, all videotaping and photography must be stopped immediately.

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For more information or questions about photography and videography at Spartanburg Regional, please contact us at 864-560-BABY (2229).

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