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Prenatal & Parent Education Classes & Tours

Congratulations on your pregnancy! At Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, we support you in your decision to prepare for your childbirth experience. Through education, you learn what to expect and how to prepare for your baby’s birthday.

Preparing for a new baby is an exciting time. Our wide variety of classes can benefit you and your entire family. Join our specialized nurse educators to prepare you and your loved ones with realistic expectations for your delivery day and beyond.

Prenatal Classes

You, your support person and even your older children can choose from a wide variety of classes.

Spartanburg Medical Center

Prepared Childbirth

Knowledge about the childbirth process and the options available during pregnancy, labor and delivery are essential to reducing anxiety and having a positive birth experience. Prepared Childbirth is a comprehensive, fact-based and fun class covering many topics about your baby’s birth. Call 864-560-BABY (2229) for more information.

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Prepared Breastfeeding

This two-hour class will help you get a healthy start to breastfeeding your newborn. Learn about milk production, feeding cues, latching techniques, milk storage and problem-solving tips for successful breastfeeding. Call 864-560-BABY (2229) for more information.

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Prepared Siblings

Soon-to-be big brothers and sisters between three and twelve years old will learn about new babies, their new sibling roles and how they can help at home. They will also tour the labor and delivery unit. Call 864-560-BABY (2229) for more information.

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Prepared Parents - Infant Care

This class is designed to prepare expectant parents in the routine care of their newborn baby. Topics include breastfeeding, diapering, bathing, medical and safety information, and many other tips. There is even a time for hands-on practice to help you feel more comfortable in your exciting new role as mom and dad! Call 864-560-BABY (2229) for more information.

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Prepared Parents - Infant CPR

All parents and caregivers should know the fundamentals of infant CPR. This non-certification infant CPR class is designed specifically for expectant parents. Our essential hands-on class provides the skills and confidence to turn a life-threatening situation into a life-saving one. Come gain the confidence, skills and knowledge essential to saving an infant’s life. Class includes instruction and practice with infant mannequins. Call 864-560-BABY (2229) for more information.

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Prepared: A Maternity Tour

This guided and interactive tour provides the expectant parents an opportunity to become familiar with the Labor and Delivery, as well as the Mother/Baby unit. The tour lasts approximately 45 minutes and covers all areas of the hospital in which you or your baby may be treated during labor, delivery and the postpartum period. Call 864-560-BABY (2229) for more information.

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Table for Two: Breastfeeding Support

This group is a free, casual gathering for breastfeeding mothers and baby to meet other mothers, discuss concerns and learn tips on life with a new baby. Please attend after your baby is two weeks old. You can call Lactation Services at 864-560-2297 for questions and more information.

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Spartanburg Medical Center - Mary Black Campus

Prepared Childbirth

Key elements of this class include ways to reduce anxiety, pain management options, stages of labor, pushing, delivery methods and postpartum care. We will assist you in understanding the process of labor and delivery and answer questions about the birth of your child. The class includes a tour of the Family Birthing Center at Spartanburg Medical Center - Mary Black Campus. Advance registration is required for this free class. Call 864-573-3005 for more information.

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Breastfeeding Class

This class is taught by a board-certified lactation consultant at the Spartanburg Medical Center - Mary Black Campus Family Birthing Center. Advance registration is required for this free class. Call 864-573-3005 for more information.

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Family Birthing Center Tour

Bring your support person and meet the staff at the Family Birthing Center at Spartanburg Medical Center - Mary Black Campus. The tour will include:

  • A look at the labor and delivery suite
  • An opportunity to sign up for childbirth, breastfeeding and infant care classes.
  • Information about pre-registration

Advance registration is required. Additional tours are available by appointment. Call 864-573-3005 for more information.

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Prepared Families: Prenatal Classes

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