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What to Bring to the Hospital

As your delivery date approaches, you will want to prepare the items that are necessary for your hospital stay at Spartanburg Medical Center or Spartanburg Medical Center – Mary Black Campus.

Items We Provide for You

Spartanburg Medical Center provides you with:

  • A hospital gown
  • Disposable undergarments and personal hygiene supplies
  • Basic toiletry items

We also provide the following items for your baby:

  • Shirts and a hat
  • Swaddling blankets
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Any other medically necessary items

Checklist: During Labor

Don’t forget these essential items you and your support person will need while you’re in labor at the hospital:

  • Important documents: Bring your picture ID, health insurance card, any hospital paperwork and your birth plan (if you’ve written one).
  • Labor and delivery clothes: Our hospital will provide you with a gown to use during and after labor, but you may also wear your own. If you’d like, pack a comfortable bathrobe, a loose nightgown (with an opening in the front for breastfeeding), slippers or flip flops, and socks.
  • Necessities for your support person/spouse: Pack a toothbrush, pillow, snacks and a change of clothes for the person who is accompanying you to the hospital. If you're in labor for a long time, they won't be able to go home either!
  • Cellphone and charger: You’ll likely want to stay in contact with loved ones before and after delivery — or at least enable your support person to let people know when baby has made his or her debut.
  • Comfort items: This can include a pillow, glasses, iPod, a good book, a personal DVD player, camera, hair ties, lip moisturizer and any other items that will help you relax.
  • Cash: It's easy to forget your wallet during the chaos of getting to the hospital in a hurry. Put some spare change and cash in your hospital bag, you'll be covered if you need a snack from the vending machine, to visit our gift shop or anything else.
  • Baby book: If you would like the nurses to get your baby’s footprints in a special book that you have been using to track your pregnancy, be sure to have it with you at delivery.

Checklist: After Delivery

You should bring these items for you and baby after delivery:

  • An approved and installed car seat: Call our Safe Kids Coordinator at 864-560-6845 if you need assistance with car seat installation before your delivery.
  • A change of clothes: You should bring a change of loose, comfortable clothes if you choose not to wear our hospital gown. A fresh nightgown, socks and slippers will help you feel refreshed during your hospital stay.
  • Clothing for baby: You may want to bring one or two sleepers for your baby, along with a swaddler.
  • Breastfeeding supplies: If you are planning to breastfeed, you may want to bring a nursing pillow, nursing pads and/or a nursing bra.
  • “Going home outfits”: Pack an outfit each for you and your baby. Remember that you will not fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes right away, so maternity clothes are the best choice for your “going home” outfit.
  • Snacks: After labor, you'll probably be hungry – and you don’t want to rely on the cafeteria being open or waiting on food service. Bring healthy, filling snacks such as crackers, fruit, nuts or granola bars.
  • Toiletries: Pack a few personal items, such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, a toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, deodorant, a hairbrush, a headband or hair tie. 

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