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Why I love working at SRHS

There's a sense of community here, and a sense of family that I think you're not going to find at every hospital.

- Sharlene P., RN

Lori Whitlock, RN

I work at Spartanburg Medical Center's ICU because I love it here! I've been a nurse in the ICU for 10 years and cannot imagine working anywhere else. I strive to be the best at what I do, to get other people's family members back home and to be a support for their families during the worst times of their lives. SMC gives me the resources to do just that!

- Lori W., BSN, RN

As an ICU nurse at the second highest-ranked hospital in South Carolina, I am proud to be in a team-based environment that emphasizes clinically competent and compassionate care.

- Jamie D., BSN, RN, CCRN

My favorite thing about Spartanburg Regional is the teamwork.

- Lindsey U., RN

I love the freedom and creative opportunities that exist at SRHS. I love working with a team of colleagues who I can collaborate with to improve the quality of my work.  I love working with a population that is motivated to come to work every day and has a good work ethic.

- Ben N., BMW Injury Prevention Physical Therapist

I smile every day I come to work because I know I'm coming to make a difference.

- Maurice H., RN

My coworkers are full of knowledge and compassion, and their guidance and mentorship has benefited me not only as a nurse but as a whole person. I feel so blessed and thankful for my coworkers. They start each day on a positive note and I like knowing I can turn to anyone for questions or help completing a task. We work wonderful as a team together.

- Hannah D., RN, BSN



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