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Man checking his phone while driving

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving kills and injures thousands of people each year, and most distractions are within our control. Whether you are planning a road trip or will be in everyday traffic driving to work, take the time to review these driving safety tips to prevent injury to yourself or others.

  • Make a pledge to drive text-free. The fight to end distracted driving starts with you. Make the commitment to drive text-free today. Text messaging makes a crash up to 23 times more likely to occur, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. And remember — it’s the law. As of 2014, it is illegal to text and drive in South Carolina.
  • Don’t use a mobile phone at all while driving. In addition to text messaging, do not send emails, play games, search directions or use the Internet while driving, even if these features are built into the car. According to the National Safety Council, 28 percent of all crashes each year involve cell phone use. Avoid temptation by turning off and storing your phone.
  • Download a safe driving app onto your mobile device. If you cannot turn off your phone, these apps can prevent distractions from your phone while you are driving.
  • Be prepared and organized before the trip. Adjust seats, mirrors, radios, CDs or MP3 players, and have directions ready.
  • Finish dressing and personal grooming before you get on the road.
  • Pull off the road instead. If there is a distraction that needs your immediate attention, pull off the road and stop your vehicle in a safe place.
  • If possible, eat meals or snacks before or after driving. If you must eat on the road, avoid messy foods that are difficult to manage.

To schedule any of these programs, please call the Trauma Injury Prevention & Outreach Coordinator at 864-560-6839.

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