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Injury prevention services offer musculoskeletal wellness strategies to ensure your employees’ safety on the job. These services help employees understand how their behaviors and decision-making on the job affect their health, safety and productivity. We teach employees how to perform their job functions and activities in an ergonomically healthy and safe way. These lessons help employees in their overall work and home life and reduce the risk of a more serious condition developing.

Early Intervention Program

When employees experience discomfort, they typically will either file a worker's compensation claim or utilize their health insurance benefits. Too often, team members are left exercising a third option – do nothing and hope the discomfort resolves on its own.

Early intervention programs give team members a fourth option. Your associates will learn to maintain their health and proactively address any signs of discomfort before it progresses. Our early intervention therapists provide solutions for managing discomfort,  coaching on body mechanics and work postures, and ergonomics training.

Essential Function Testing

Essential function tests confirm for both the employee and employer whether  an employee can perform the job safely. Essential function tests decrease injuries, worker’s compensation cost and attrition. Our injury prevention team will safely and effectively help you develop and implement this initiative to benefit your employees and organization. We will use your data and key performance indicators to determine your actual cost avoidance and return on investment.

Functional Job Analysis

As a precursor to essential function testing and return-to-work screening, functional job analysis is a critical initial step. Its purpose is to identify the unique physical demands associated with the specific work requirements at your facility. We develop our functional job analysis process in compliance with all EEOC and ADA/ADAAAA expectations and rules. Many of our clients will utilize the validated functional job description for assistance in developing an EFT or as a reference document for internal decisions on modified and transitional duty options.


We provide  ergonomic services that include job rotation development, proactive and post-injury risk assessments and office ergonomics. We offer two-day ergonomic certificate classes for trainers and one-hour ergonomic training classes for your employees. Our team also offers design consultation for new development and renovation projects.

Our experienced staff includes:

  • Physical therapists
  • Ergonomists
  • Exercise physiologists