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Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System's Corporate Health program partners with Upstate employers to provide onsite health and wellness services. With over 20 years of experience in corporate health, our program aims to keep employees safe, healthy and on the job by providing effective and innovative healthcare solutions. Our onsite clinic services:

  • Create convenient access to care
  • Strive to improve employee morale
  • Provide proactive health management strategies
  • Offer personalized care and behavior modification coaching
  • Work to create  a healthier workplace
  • Reduce overall healthcare costs

Primary Care

Onsite health clinics run by a physician or provider, such as a nurse practitioner or physician's assistant, include:

  • Basic preventive services (e.g. blood pressure checks, general health exams, counseling, etc.)
  • Acute care (sick visits and minor injuries that are not work-related)
  • Disease management care in conjunction with an employee’s treating physician (e.g. hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol)
  • Basic labs; including blood draws for lipid and metabolic panels, blood sugar (glucose) and urinalysis
  • Health and well-being education/promotion
  • Prescriptions (Disease management scripts require primary care authorization. No prescriptions written for controlled substances)

Occupational Health

Occupational health clinics provided by a registered nurse, often with certification in occupational and environmental health, include:

  • Work-related injury assessment and care
  • Pre-employment and annual drug testing, hearing and pulmonary function testing coordination
  • Surveillance procedures
  • Assistance with workers’ compensation case management and record-keeping
  • Attending medical appointments with injured workers as necessary
  • Management of bloodborne pathogen training program and emergency response team training
  • Assistance with health and wellness promotion and activities, including flu immunization clinics
  • Assistance in scheduling off-site testing

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy clinics are provided by a licensed physical therapist. The benefits of an onsite clinic managed by our specialized staff include:

  • A physical therapist who would understand and apply unique return-to-work considerations at your site.
  • Ability to assist with case management decisions because of dual knowledge of patient and employer.
  • Coordination with work schedules on physical therapy staff hours.
  • Elimination of travel expense to/from repeated physical therapy appointments.
  • Elimination of lost productivity/work time associated with travel to/from repeated physical therapy appointments.
  • Ability to follow up with patients to verify return-to-work progress, both during and after the treatment period.
  • Work with employer to develop critical data and analytics reporting capability for key injury and return-to-work metrics.