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Skilled Nursing Unit

  • Patients & Visitors

Patients & Visitors

We welcome visitors concerned about friends or family who are patients at our hospital. Among our top priorities is the safety of both patients and visitors.

To maintain that safety, please follow these guidelines when visiting a patient:

  • The hospital is designated as tobacco-free. Smoking or other use of tobacco products is not permitted anywhere on hospital grounds.
  • Please refrain from talking loudly or running in the hospital corridors.
  • Under certain circumstances, each patient’s physician or nurse may limit the amount of time and/or number of visitors a patient may have.
  • Please be sensitive to the patient's condition and feelings in determining the length of your visit.
  • Please wash hands before and after shaking hands, hugging or otherwise touching the patient. Please be mindful of any sensitive or painful areas the patient may have.
  • Please be careful not to change any settings and to avoid contact with any equipment in the room. Pay careful attention to electrical cords, tubing and wires so that you do not cause them to become compressed in any way.
  • Please be sensitive to wearing or bringing items with strong scents or odors, such as perfume or smoke, into the patient's room as the scent may be bothersome to the patient.
  • Please notify the nurse if you notice any significant changes in the patient's medical condition during your visit.

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