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General Surgery Residency: Application Process

Selection Criteria

It is evident that the residents are the backbone and greatest asset of a surgical training program. Our stated mission is “to be the best community-based surgical residency program in the Southeastern United States.” To fulfill this mission, only the best candidates can be selected. Academic curiosity and self-motivation are vital.

Medical school academic achievement, including USMLE scores, is one objective tool for resident selection. An individual’s scores reflect only a portion of their potential, but USMLE scores are predictive of success in passing the American Board of Surgery certification. Letters of recommendation, especially if personalized, are an important supplement to the transcript. A personal visit to Spartanburg is encouraged, as this experience is invaluable to the applicant and has a positive effect on the evaluation process.

Our Interview Policy

There are nearly 300 applications for the three categorical positions with an interview extended to 40 students. Although surgical training programs often serve as a resource to their local community and state, qualified applicants from all areas of the US are evaluated. Currently 70 percent of our residents went to medical school outside of Georgia and the Carolinas.

PGY-1 Class of 2008: Statistics regarding applicants scheduled for categorical interview as of December 8, 2007 (N=48)

USMLE Part I: Average 217 (191-251). 24 percent were 230 or higher
USMLE Part II: Average 228 (199-262). 42 percent were 230 or higher

From the 43 students interviewed, 90% are from US medical schools. 36% were from medical schools within South Carolina and its surrounding states. Nearly a quarter of our interviewees were from US medical schools outside the southeast.

Currently, the Spartanburg Regional categorical residents that matched with us as interns averaged 222.

Intern Matches

Currently, the SMC categorical residents that matched with us as interns averaged 222 (214-232) on Part I and 227 (200-266) on Part II.


Interviews are held on designated Fridays during the interview “season.”

A casual dinner the evening before your interview is provided so that you may meet with a representative group of our current residents. In addition to dinner, the program will arrange for a single night’s lodging, at our expense. On the day of the interview, you should be able to leave Spartanburg in the early afternoon. Convenient airports are Greenville-Spartanburg (GSP) or Charlotte (CLT). The program does not reimburse travel expenses.

For Osteopathic Medical Students

Successful passage of USMLE Parts I and II is encouraged, but we do consider applicants with excellent COMLEX scores who have not taken the USMLE.

International Medical Graduates

Each year we receive more than 200 applications from International Medical Graduates. Unfortunately, we must limit our potential interviews to those IMG’s with the following credentials:

  1. We rarely sponsor visas. 
  2. Graduation from medical school within 24 months of application for residency. 
  3. Medical experience in the United States.

Preliminary Residents

We offer up to three non-designated preliminary PGY-1 positions. Overall, preliminary residents have valued their PGY-1 year at Spartanburg. Recent designated residents continued their training in specialties as anesthesiology, PM & R, and radiology.

Non-designated PGY-1 residents have the same responsibilities and opportunities as our categorical residents. Occasionally, a designated PGY-1 may be scheduled for specific rotations which would facilitate their eventual career goals.


Externships to medical and osteopathic medical students from accredited US medical schools are important in contributing to the educational experience for all involved. Often students rotating here match into Spartanburg Regional residency programs.

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