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Duration: 2-4 week rotation
Course Offered: Throughout the year

Rotation Overview: Allergy

The goals of the rotation are to gain competency with modifications specifically for Allergy and Immunology specialty.  These include basic skills for patient care to demonstrate ability to take appropriate history and pertinent physical exam, demonstrate skill at performing oral presentation of H&P, and demonstrate ability to educate patient and family in using metered dose inhaler c/s spacer device, home nebulizer, and dry powder inhalers, the ability to interpret basic PFTs ( common objective with pulmonary rotation), counseling patient/family in asthma care for daily and emergency situations, teach environmental controls for respiratory allergens.  Core Knowledge goals will include environmental controls for tobacco smoke and other air pollution, assess severity of asthma and outline basic pharmacologic treatment regimen (based on NHLBI EPR-3 guidelines), initiate treatment of allergic rhinitis, approach to atopic and contact dermatitis, discuss differential diagnosis of anaphylaxis and urticaria/angioedema and pharmacologic management, including demonstrating indication and use of self-administered epinephrine (Epi-Pen, Twinject, Adrenaclick), and identify common foods causing food allergies, and distinguish food allergy vs. intolerance.

Students Report To:

Melissa Owens
Medical Student Coordinator

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