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Emergency Medicine

Duration: 4 week rotation
Course Offered: Throughout the year

Emergency Medicine Rotation Overview:

This course will provide an interactive, academic introduction to Emergency Medicine. The emphasis will be to develop the student’s ability to rapidly create appropriate differential diagnoses based on historical and physical examination findings. These findings will elicit further diagnostic and treatment decision making. All patient-student interactions will be performed under the close supervision of the attending emergency physician. The student will also learn about the management of emergency conditions from the patients’ and medical staff members’ standpoints. In addition to the mastery of basic sciences and development of a strong clinical acumen, the student will realize that compassion and communication are crucial physician and mid-level provider attributes. Throughout the rotation, the student will work with Emergency Medicine residency-trained and board-certified emergency physicians.

Emergency Medicine Objectives:

Students will be acquainted with the efficient and compassionate care necessary for patients in the Emergency Room. They will acquire specific skills necessary for patient care in the Emergency Room. Students also will be able to recognize and treat common emergencies (trauma, burns, drug O.D., shock, coma, head injury, psychiatric emergency, fracture, medical emergency, acute abdominal pain).

Students Report To:

Melissa Owens
Medical Student Coordinator

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