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Family Medicine

Duration: 2-4 week rotation
Course Offered: Throughout the year

Rotation Overview: Family Medicine

The medical student will work under the direction of the Family Medicine faculty and senior residents in the Family Medicine Center of Spartanburg Medical Center. The student will have the opportunity to actively participate in ambulatory care of family medicine patients and discussion of patients hospitalized on the Family Medicine service. Special emphasis will be made to familiarize the student with the opportunities available to a family physician, the continuity of care and awareness of the total life situation of the patient. The student will have the opportunity to work with family physicians, various consultants in the specialized areas of medicine and behavioral science faculty. The role of the family physician as coordinator of health care will be demonstrated.

Education Objectives: Family Medicine

Upon completion of this course, students will have had brief exposure to the Family Medicine Residency Training Program available in a large community (consortium) hospital. “Team management” of the patient, his/her illness and patient’s family will be demonstrated and emphasized under the direction and supervision of a family physician.

Rotation Overview: Rural Family Medicine

This course is designed to give the student first-hand exposure to and practical experience with patients in a rural setting. Instruction will include emphasis on comprehensive, continuing care and office management in a community hospital. The student will be expected to actively participate in all phases of the course.

Education Objectives: Rural Family Medicine

Students will master interview techniques in a rural clinic. They will learn to integrate system-based practice (using all available resources) into rural practice. Students also will learn general pharmacology in Family Medicine and pharmaco-economics in a rural practice. The student will be able to understand family dynamics and their influence on patient care.

Students Report To:

Melissa Owens
Medical Student Coordinator

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