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Pulmonology & MICU

Duration: 4 week rotation
Course Offered: Throughout the year

Rotation Overview: Pulmonology & MICU 

This is a 4 week rotation with the objective to provide a clinical experience to the medical students in the inpatient and outpatient settings. The student will participate in rounds in the hospital for the care of patients with respiratory problems. Rounds will be performed in the ICU and medical-surgical wards. Student will also have the opportunity to observe diagnostic procedures like bronchoscopy and thoracentesis in the hospital.

The outpatient experience will be at our Spartanburg office where student will work with one of our physicians to see patients whom come for regular office visits or acute problem visits to our office. Student will be exposed to patients with diverse problems including asthma, COPD, lung cancer, pulmonary fibrosis and sleep disorders.

Since the schedule of our physicians varies from month to month, the students will have different opportunities to work with several our physicians, given them a variable perspective in the management of patients with respiratory problems. On average we will try to offer 2 weeks of inpatient experience and 2 weeks of outpatient experience, although this could vary depending on the specific schedule of the month.

The expectation is that the student will develop at the end of the rotation a knowledge of the normal pulmonary physiology, understand the diagnostic criteria for the most common pulmonary and sleep disorders as well as develop an appropriate initial plan of treatment for these problems.

Students Report To:

Melissa Owens
Medical Student Coordinator

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