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Salary and Benefits

The following is only a summary of benefits available to House Staff. Benefit information will be covered in depth during orientation sessions.


Salary is commensurate with other Family Medicine residency programs in the state. Please contact us for more information. As of October 2017, the annual salaries are stated below:

PGY I - $58,844.80
PGY II - $60,049.60
PGY III - $61,172.80


There are various "levels" of plans. Family coverage is available, if desired at a reasonable cost, and single coverage for the resident only is available for a minimal cost. Our plan is part of a preferred provider's organization designed to provide quality health care, but additional choices within this insurance plan will allow you to see physicians outside the network.

Dental Coverage - A dental plan is available to eligible employees. It provides 100% coverage for preventive services, at the lowest level, which includes biannual visits. For more comprehensive coverage, fillings, extractions, and orthodontics, a slightly higher premium is required.

Vision - A vision plan is available with our insurance plan, provided you enroll.

Life Insurance - Free basic life insurance equivalent to annual salary (dependent coverage available). From the time they are hired, full-time employees receive free life insurance coverage equivalent to their annual salary and, for a modest fee, this may be doubled. In cases of accidental death, an employee's beneficiary receives an amount equal to twice the employee's normal life insurance amount, provided they are active employees and they enroll in the program. In addition, employees may purchase $5,000, 10,000, 15,000 and 20,000 in life insurance coverage for children and $5,000 to 100,000 for spouses.

Short-Term Disability Insurance - Basic coverage is 40% of base pay beginning on the twentieth business day of disability up to 24 weeks. Additional coverage is available.

Long Term Disability Insurance - One-half of the employee's monthly pay to a maximum of $2,500/month is guaranteed when an employee is unable to work because of illness or accident for more than 90 calendar days. The coverage for this insurance begins after one year of service. This is free to full-time employees.

Travel Insurance - Employees are covered with an additional $50,000 of life insurance when traveling on hospital business.

Social Security - Retirement, medical insurance, and disability insurance benefits are provided by the federal government Social Security Program.

Vacation & Time Off

Paid Time Off - All residents will receive twenty (20) working days per residency year.

Six holidays (New Years, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). If the schedule requires working on another official designated holiday, another day may be substituted and should be taken within 30 days of the holiday worked, if possible.

Administrative Days per Director - Administrative leave involves interviewing and/or visiting prospective residency/practice sites or miscellaneous administrative leave. Each request will be approved on a case by case basis by the Residency Program Director.

Jury Pay - Employees who are summoned for jury duty may accept regular hospital pay or jury pay (a fixed amount per day as established by local, state, or federal courts) when they have jury duty.

Worker's Compensation - This is a no-fault protection for on-the-job accidents and job-related illnesses equaling two-thirds of pay up to a maximum allowed by state laws when the employee is disabled for more than seven calendar days.

Family Leave

Maternity - Maternity leave is permitted for whatever period of time is deemed appropriate or necessary by the resident and her personal physician. You must use sick leave and vacation days. Additional time off may be approved as at home research elective that meets curriculum requirements. American Board of Family Medicine continuing practice absence limit must be followed to prevent extending your residency beyond 36 months. We will work with you to make sure that the educational requirements and the health needs of mother and baby are met.

Paternity - Up to 5 days (must use sick time). Paternity leave is permitted for five (5) working days at the time of delivery or within 6 weeks. If additional time is needed or desired, vacation days can be requested. Special circumstances will be reviewed on an individual basis with the Residency Program Director.

Emergency/Death in Family - As approved by Director (vacation/sick time to be used). The Attending and the Residency Program Director will authorize death in Family/Emergency Absence(s). Absence(s) may be granted due to death, illness, or other serious problems in the family.

Military Leave - Unpaid, in accordance with state and federal law, for the term of service may be granted to a resident who is in a reserve unit who is called to active duty. A copy of military orders must be given to the Program Director. Residents on military leave will return from active service at the same point in rotation, in so far as possible. Necessary adjustments will be implemented to accomplish this goal. We will work with our residents that are called up to serve our country in any way possible.

Educational Leave - See Departmental Policy & Procedure Manual

All Family Medicine Residency programs work under the American Board of Family Medicine guidelines for absences that limit you to 30 days off per year for any and all reasons. Time off beyond that will delay your graduation.

Conference Leave

Funds available for conference leave, book, and license fees:

  • First Year - 3 days - $800
  • Second year - 5 days - $1,500
  • Third Year - 5 days - $2,000

Other Benefits

  • Meals provided for resident - Meals are provided to House Staff at no charge in the hospital cafeteria. There is food available 24 hours a day for our working residents.
  • Malpractice for educational activities paid, professional ability coverage -Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System provides professional ability coverage for residents through the Insurance Reserve Fund of South Carolina. The institution's policy is written to comply with the South Carolina Tort Claims Act. The institutional limit of ability for a physician-related occurrence is $ 1,000,000.00 and there is no annual aggregate limit.
  • Club Privileges - Residents may use the Carolina Country Club to play golf for a $25 green fee. Spartanburg Athletic Club offers free membership for residents and their immediate families (spouse and children). Facilities at the Athletic Club include indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, weight rooms, racquetball courts, exercise programs, and free baby-sitting. Your wellness is important to us!
  • Transition allowance ($2,000)
  • Free parking - There is free parking near the hospital in the Physician's parking area as well as the covered parking garage of Spartanburg Regional with covered access to the Medical Center's main entrance.
  • License Fees
    • South Carolina license fee paid ($150)
    • South Carolina Controlled Substance license paid ($125)
    • Federal DEA Number license paid ($731)
    • FCVS ($415)
    • South Carolina Permanent license fee ($580)
  • Two lab coats (laundry service provided) - An initial supply of two (2) lab coats is provided to PGY-1 residents. Plus one additional lab coat for each year past the first.
  • Child Development Center - The Child Development Center (CDC), who has been recognized by the U.S. Congress, offers a full range of developmental programs for children from age's 3 months to 12 years. Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System is one of a few employers in South Carolina that offers on-site childcare for employees. A current fee schedule can be obtained by contacting the CDC at 864-560-6160.
  • Direct Payroll Deposit (Surepay) - All employee paychecks are automatically deposited in their bank of choice.
  • Payroll Deductions - For convenience, the cost of many benefits, such as insurance, childcare, prescriptions, credit union and others, can be automatically deducted from your payroll earnings.
  • Employee Health Services - Employees receive immediate evaluation and first aid treatment of illnesses and accidents while on duty.
  • Health and Wellness Programs - Programs relating to stress management, exercise, nutrition, smoking cessation and general health are offered. Costs range from free to a small fee.
  • Immunizations - Flu shots are available annually for employees as well as vaccines against tetanus, pneumonia, and hepatitis B.
  • Outpatient Discounts - The part of the employee's fee for outpatient service from the Emergency Department, Laboratory, Physical Therapy, or other ancillary service not covered by insurance is reduced by a negotiated rate.
  • Physical Examinations - Employees receive a free health evaluation at the time they are hired and annually, thereafter.
  • Prescription Service - for the convenience of the employee, prescriptions can be filled at the hospital pharmacy at cost plus a small administrative fee.
  • Retirement - The Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System is a member of the South Carolina Retirement System. 401k and 457b retirement options are also available.
  • Tax Savings Plan - Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System offers several tax savings plans for employees. Medical and dental insurance premiums are taken as a pretax deduction. Also, dependent care and medical spending accounts are offered. This provides a pretax deduction to pay for child and other dependent care and medical services not paid for by the insurance such as deductibles.
  • Safe Environment - The Safety and Security staff utilizes the most modem methods and equipment to ensure personal safety and property protection.

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