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Spartanburg Medical Center is affiliated with the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) in Charleston. All the Family Medicine programs in South Carolina are organized into a statewide network, the administrative offices are located at the South Carolina AHEC, near MUSC. We meet regularly and share information at several levels. Although some of our guest speakers come from the University of South Carolina in Columbia, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Emory University in Atlanta, the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, or other schools, we have no formal relationship with those schools.

A brochure listing all Family Medicine residencies in South Carolina is available in our Family Medicine Center. We encourage you to interview at one or more of the other programs while in the area. Our state's Family Medicine educational system is unique in its overall strength, and in its mutual cooperation in meeting the goal of training Family Medicine residents.

Here is our sample contract and summary of benefits.

Support Services

Full ancillary support teams assist you in all areas. Lab, IV, and Pharmacy teams are available 24 hours a day with efficient, computer-reported lab results. Pharm.D's round with you on the Family Medicine, Medicine, Pediatrics, and Surgery services to give you additional teaching support and lectures. A Nutrition Support team is available for consultation on patients needing parenteral or enteral nutritional supplementation.

The medical center offers Physical Therapy in one of the largest, most modern facilities in the Southeast. Speech Therapy and other Rehabilitative Services are also available. A brand new Sports Medicine Center caters to local college, high school, city leagues, and in the summers, pro sports teams. 

An active Medical Social Services department helps needy patients utilize community resources after they are discharged from the medical center. Home Health Care services offers long-term nursing care, including physical therapy and custodial care in the patient's home as an alternative to nursing home placement.

Medical Records are computerized throughout the hospital and the CFM Office. We use the Centricity electronic health record in the offices. Access to these records from your home is available with a broadband connection.

Our new Information Services Center is changing the way our hospital and residency works. We were voted one of the top 100 most wired hospitals in the U.S. in 2003. Every resident is given an email account and the opportunity to network via Microsoft's Outlook.


There are superb and extensive audiovisual and library facilities with computerized Med Search capabilities and affiliation with the Medical University of South Carolina library in Charleston, S.C. There is also a full-time library staff to assist you. The Audiovisual services are second to none. A wide variety of videotapes are a permanent part of the center, and can be viewed there or checked out. We have a subscription to the Network for Continuing Medical Education videotape service.

Family Medicine Center Facilities

The medical center supports faculty and resident lectures with slide production capabilities, providing more than 4,000 slides each year, but in the Center for Family Medicine, Powerpoint rules! A satellite dish gives us the ability to view interactive medical satellite programs from anywhere in the nation, and a statewide closed circuit medical television network allows real time interaction with the faculty and residents from other programs and the two medical schools in South Carolina.CD-ROM and internet-accessed medical information and education data base are provided for you in the Center for Family Medicine. We also have a brand new state-of-the-art conference room with computer and video hookup and x-ray projection.

Call Schedule

NF System, so no call. Rotations are scheduled in 4 week blocks.

First Year:

Family Medicine Clinic - 1-4 half days per week.

Family Medicine Inpatient -1/2 block

Pediatrics - 2 blocks

Obstetrics (OB) - 2 blocks

Surgery - 1 block

ER - 1 block

Night Float/Self-Directed Learning - 2 blocks

Orientation - 1/2 block

Medicine Teaching Service (MTS) - 3 blocks

Service (FMI, Peds, OB, MTS) - 1/2 block

Ambulatory - 1/2 block

Second Year:

Family Medicine Clinic - 1-5 half days per week

Medicine Teaching Service- 2 blocks

Pediatrics - 2 blocks

Gynecology - 1 block

Emergency Medicine - 1 block

Elective - 1 block

Night Float/Self-Directed Learning- 2 blocks

Family Medicine Inpatient - 1 block

Intensive Care Unit - 1 block

Ambulatory - 1 block

Community Medicine - 1/2 block

Practice Management - 1/2 block

Third Year:

Family Medicine Clinic - 2-8 half days per week

Family Medicine Inpatient - 1 block, 1 week

Ambulatory- 3 weeks

Night Float/Self-Directed Learning- 2 blocks

Family Medicine Service/Jr. Medical Director - 1 block

Cardiology - 1 block

Sports Medicine - 1 block

Orthopedics - 1 block

Geriatrics - 1 block

Pediatrics - 1/2 block

Dermatology - 1/2 block

Electives- 3 blocks

Backup Policy

There is excellent backup system for at all times on all services. There are always upper level residents/fellows in-house for interns. (Private OB attendings are in-house with you every night and are excellent!) One Family Medicine faculty attending is always on call, as are the attending physicians on each specialty and core rotation. Residents may request a consultation from any specialist when needed.

You are never alone on any of our services.

OB Call/Deliveries

As mentioned, obstetricians have in-house call with you every night. In addition, one of the family medicine attendings is available daily to advise you with Family Medicine Center deliveries.

A third year OB/GYN resident from the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston acts as the chief resident of the service. Each OB resident from Charleston is here for three months. This is the only teaching hospital in the state that the Medical University of South Carolina mandates that their residents rotate through.

Deliveries average:

  • First year - 50 to 60
  • Second Year - 30 to 40

This averages 2-3 deliveries per resident per call night. You will get C-section experience. If you choose, two further months of OB electives during your third year will permit certification for practicing low risk OB. A requirement for graduation includes ten continuity obstetric patients followed in our family medicine clinic.

Obstetrics Fellowship

We also offer South Carolina's only Family Medicine OB Fellowship - This is a one year program that offers the opportunity to become qualified in C-Sections, get experience in the common OB related surgical procedures, and to increase the experience with more complicated obstetrics.

Sleeping Rooms

The house staff have sleeping rooms that have been renovated. They are conveniently located in the hospital. The facilities contain study areas, a TV lounge with small kitchen. Each call room has a TV, desk and shower. Your family or spouse may visit you. Also, each resident has an office space with phone and file cabinets in the hospital.

Outpatient Clinics

We have outpatient clinics in a variety of disciplines, guaranteeing you a rich experience. There are clinics for Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Infectious Disease, plus various other specialties.

Our residents see an average of 12 patients per each half-day clinic, depending on their year of training. Family Medicine is largely an ambulatory specialty. Therefore, we focus on a practical, relevant ambulatory educational experience.

Family Medicine Center Clinics

Average patients assigned for your private practice:

  • First Year - 75 - 100
  • Second Year - 250 - 300
  • Third Year - 400 - 450

Family Medicine office hours for your private patients (half-days/week):

  • First Year - 1-2
  • Second Year - 1-5
  • Third Year - 2-8

The number of patients seen during office hours varies from 2-12 per resident. We hold back on scheduling early in your first year, and gradually increase your patient numbers as your proficiency improves.

All outpatient procedures are taught in the Center for Family Medicine, including, vasectomy, colposcopy, joint injections, common dermatology procedures, and osteopathic manipulative treatment.


Moonlighting opportunities are available during the Second and Third years. Moonlighting is not required, however, it is recognized as a valuable extension of your educational experience, and a financial benefit for many. Monthly limitations are required, based on the national Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) guidelines: 80 hours (week days + call + moonlighting) per week. No moonlighting is permitted at the First Year level because a permanent license is not issued in South Carolina until residents have completed the first year of postgraduate training. You must provide your own malpractice insurance if moonlighting outside of the Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, and moonlighting must not interfere with your educational activities. South Carolina law prohibits International Medical Graduates (IMGs) from moonlighting until they have completed three years of residency.

In-Training Examinations

Like most programs, we administer the official In-Training Examinations produced by the American Board of Family Medicine & AOFP, which is given each October. This gives the resident and faculty an opportunity to compare the resident's current knowledge base with other residents in this program locally and across the nation. All residents receive med Challenger to help increase knowledge, improve board scores (it really helps), and begin the lifelong habit of continual learning.

Lectures & Conferences

There are conferences for residents assigned to individual services, as well as daily noon conferences for the entire group of residents. A copy of our academic calendar, showing the conference schedule for the month, is available for your inspection. Visiting faculty from local schools, and guest speakers from around the country complement our own faculty. There are educational seminars spaced throughout the year involving medical experts from all parts of the nation. The quality is high and equals that of any university.

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